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  • Supermario’s at Fedora 31 Now

    Went ahead and upgraded. Only had to get rid of python2-twitter and an older nvidia package. Other than that it seems to be running relatively smoothly.

  • Discovered two awesome commandline programs!

    First up is tldr. This something I’ve wanted ever since I started with Linux 16 years ago! Basically it gives you the examples part of a man page. For both of these I’m going to use a screenshot because copy/pasting it into the blog doesn’t do it justice. This is just the first page of […]

  • Addendum to Dual Display KVM Post

    Three years ago I wrote a post (along with a Youtube video) about how to set up a KVM VM with Dual Monitors (or even triple monitors). Since then there’s been a bit of a change. I loaded up remote viewer and, for some reason, I couldn’t add more monitors to my Linux KVM VM. […]

  • Attempting a podman play on another VM

    The podman saga continues. The podman equivalent of a docker-compose.yml can be created from a pod with the following command: podman generate kube (name of pod) > (filename).yaml So I did that with the pod that I’d created with an SELinux context. Now it was time to try it on another Fedora 31 VM to […]

  • SELinux and Podman

    Last time I messed around with Podman, I finally got things working and had what I think was a pretty good understanding of how to go forward. But in order to get things working, I’d had to turn off SELinux. Now it was time to see what I had to do to make Podman work […]

  • Second Followup to Podman and PHPIPAM

    Turns out that on my Fedora 30 VM something got screwed up with the CNI networking (the networking that Podman uses) and instead of pointing to the address that Podman is using according to Cockpit: It’s pointing somewhere else. I found that via iptables -L. Not sure how to fix it, though. When I […]

  • Followup to Podman and PHPIpam

    Adding the –name mysql – it wasn’t enough to get the PHPIpam apache container to find the mysql container. They’re in the same pod, but something’s not quite right. So I decided to see if I could modify the config.php by mounting the container and modifying that. # podman mount beautiful_gauss /var/lib/containers/storage/overlay/5a33decc2cfad7e9bda5f9048d94a814267d954e97d5dd7befb057a84367f27a/merged While this allowed […]

  • Every once in a while the puerile makes me laugh

    Like these random container names that podman generated: # podman ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES b83a26bb2c5d mysqld 2 minutes ago Up 2 minutes ago>80/tcp hungry_wilson f35ec64d3b3c apache2-foregroun… 2 minutes ago Up 2 minutes ago>80/tcp nice_johnson Makes me think perhaps there should be a list of adjectives and […]

  • Can Docker and Podman both run on the same machine?

    I’ve been hearing about Podman for a while now – at Red Hat Summit and at various local Red Hat presentations. I’ve seen the slides where the RHEL presenter (it’s always the same guy, but I’m terrible with names – after a bit of research, I think it’s Dan Walsh) asks you to pledge to […]

  • Daisy (laptop) upgrade to Fedora 31

    When I tried to upgrade the laptop a couple days ahead of the Tuesday release date, assuming that the sources were as good as gold at that point, the upgrade process complained about the Kdevelop Python plugin and didn’t want to proceed. I figured if this persisted past Tuesday I would just use it as […]

  • Fedora 31 is coming; Getting on Fedora 30

    Back when Fedora 30 came out, I updated my laptop, but I left my main computer and the HTPC on Fedora 29. The former because I was busy with something at the time and didn’t want the disruption of an upgrade; the latter because the family depends on it for entertainment. However, with Fedora 31 […]

  • Dracula Theme

    Just in time for Halloween I discovered the Dracula set of dark themes.They’ve got themes for nearly every code editor and shell/console program you can think of. Here’s Yakuake with the Dracula Konsole theme: And here’s Kate with the Dracula theme: I like the color scheme, but the font’s a bit small, so I might […]

  • Kdenlive Evolution

    I was having an issue with Kdenlive while rending my most recent tutorials for my Extra Life Donation Tracker and so I grabbed the latest Appimage version since it’s more up to date than the version in the Fedora 29 repos. Boy has it changed in the last year or so. Here’s the version in […]

  • Going back to SQlite on Digikam

    Based on the file modification dates, I went from using the Digikam SQLite database to using their embedded MySQL database in May 2018. I did it because at the time everyone was saying that for a large database it’s better to use SQL than SQLite. For a long time it seemed to work well enough […]

  • Addendum to my KDevelop Post

    A couple days ago, I wrote about giving KDevelop another look and posted it to reddit’s r/kde. In my post, I’d said it was annoying to have to configure the color schemas per file. Someone commented on the subreddit that if you use the View->Schema menus it’s per file while if you go into Settings->KDevelop […]