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  • Sam and the Wagon

  • The Redwoods Trip

    The Redwoods Trip

    I’ve done a few travelogues on this blog (like the series covering my trip to the Grand Canyon) and I usually cover things chronologically. However, this time around I’m writing things about 3.5 months later. So rather than worry about covering things chronologically, I’m going to cover them by topic. Family Vacations We were visiting […]

  • Baby Birds in my BBQ Prep Table

    I thought I’d blogged before about the bird who made a nest in my BBQ prep station, but a couple quick searches didn’t find it. So the background is that this bird decided the best place to nest is at my BBQ prep station which has a couple shelves that basically look like a bird […]

  • Going back to SQlite on Digikam

    Based on the file modification dates, I went from using the Digikam SQLite database to using their embedded MySQL database in May 2018. I did it because at the time everyone was saying that for a large database it’s better to use SQL than SQLite. For a long time it seemed to work well enough […]

  • Animal Portraits from Baltimore Zoo

    Animal Portraits from Baltimore Zoo

    Back in March we went to the Baltimore Zoo and I took my 120-400mm lens. I think this may be the first time I’d taken that lens to this Zoo (although I’d taken it quite a few times to the National Zoo in DC). I took lots of photos, but some didn’t come out the […]

  • 2018 Annual Self-Portrait

    As I continue to work through my backlog of photos from last year (I’m finally done with 2018 after this post!), I come to my annual self-portrait. Yeah, yeah – even before Instagram was a thing my family was already making fun of me for taking self-portraits or for my 365 project of self-portraits 8 […]

  • The Evil Forest

  • Twin 3rd Birthday Portraits

    Twin 3rd Birthday Portraits

    Just as with the farm portraits, this year both kids were enthusiastic about the portraits. I was bracing for Sam to once again hate the idea of portraits, but his urge to do what his sisters were doing was stronger – or maybe he’s just over whatever he hated about it last year. I’m really […]

  • 2018 Pumpkin Patch Portraits

    2018 Pumpkin Patch Portraits

    Another year and the kids grow older. Last year was a disaster – the twins did NOT want their photos taken. We didn’t get any good portraits. This time everyone was game and we got good portraits – at least the first time around. When we reconvened a little later, the kids were over the […]

  • Buzz no More

  • leaf on deck railing

  • The Kids at the Park

    Funny thing about this is that I could say this reflects their moods, but really only Stella is being genuinely Stella. Usually you can’t catch Sam without a smile on his face (although he *is* going through the whiny 2 year old phase), and Scarlett’s the most neutral.

  • Stella at the Park

  • Stella at the beach

  • I just love how intense Noah looks about bubbles