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  • [1.0] Watching Disney Movies as an Adult Part 2

    A long while back (I don’t remember which blog it was) I wrote about watching Roger Rabbit as an adult and getting a lot of jokes I didn’t get before as a five year old. Cinderella just came out on DVD and I bought it for my wife since she collects Disney movies. While watching […]

  • So long and thanks for all the fish

    Friday I went to go see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, as you may recall. I was quite excited about seeing it as I had read one of the five books and watched the old BBC adaptation. The movie certainly started off very well with an entertaining opening sequence, but I was left quite dissapointed. […]

  • Today’s Wikipedia entry….

    Fanservice (or fan service) is a vaguely defined term used in visual media, particularly in the anime fandom (in Japanese, it is simply spoken as “service (saabisu)”), to refer to elements in a story that while potentially superfluous to a storyline, are designed to amuse or excite the audience. It is sometimes used in a […]

  • One more day!

    Just one more day until two key things occur: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy comes out and Daniel’s girlfriend comes up to Ithaca. I’m really excited about the movie because it’s been getting some awesome reviews and I think that it is a wonderful and smartly funny story. Douglas Adams is awesome. I’m happy that […]

  • Welcome to your Lucid Dream

    Yesterday I was doing looking for the website to Wikipedia and came across Wikibooks, which happens to be run by the same group, The Wiki Media Foundation. Since I knew what Wikipedia was, I decided to see what Wikibooks was. Well, the same way that Wikipedia attempts to be an encyclopedia which anyone can contribute […]