Author: Eric Mesa

  • Setbacks

    I’ve already communicated this with most of my family and friends who support me in running, but I’ve suffered my second setback of 2022. The first one was back in January when I had to miss out on my first chance to do an in-person half marathon due to catching a really bad cold or […]

  • If you get a LEGO Boost set and can’t update the firmware…

    There’s apparently a bit of a software fail for the LEGO company. When you launch the LEGO Boost app, it won’t continue until you’ve updated the firmware. It asks you to connect so it can update it, but it never actually updates. As I learned in this reddit thread, you actually need to get a […]

  • Fedora 36, KDE Plasma 5, and Wayland Part 2

    After using Plasma with KWayland for about a week, I had to go back to X11 because it’s not yet ready for me. There are 3 main issues I’m having: Occasionally, when I come back to my computer after locking the screen it would say that the screen locker had crashed. I would need to […]

  • MxPx – Plans within Plans

    After spending the last year and change filling in the holes in the MxPx discography from when I last was an active fan with 2000’s The Ever Passing Moment, I have arrived at the final full album I was missing, Plans within Plans. I still have a couple EPs to buy, but this will probably […]

  • Wayland on KDE on Fedora 36

    I upgraded to Fedora 36 so I wanted to see all the latest updates to Wayland. I’d been reading about the updates in the KDE and wanted to see if it was more stable. I had to redo my latte dock profile. Other than that, SO FAR the only issues are that the scroll wheel […]

  • NYRR: RBC Brooklyn Half Marathon 2022

    NYRR: RBC Brooklyn Half Marathon 2022

    Before Race Day I think I’ve become addicted to races. I really missed having races between April (Cherry Blossom) and the end of May (BK HM) although I did that on purpose to allow myself to rest and train. July, when I once again will be sans race, is probably going to be hard for […]

  • Diversity Panels at Conventions in the 2020s

    Diversity Panels at Conventions in the 2020s

    Earlier this morning I came across this tweet by Mary Fan, an author I met at the Farpoint convention and whose books I quite enjoy: I gave a short reply, but I felt Twitter was inadequate to truly express myself. Of course, Diversity Panels have been around long enough that by 1997’s Chasing Amy (source […]

  • Dealing with the Illusion of Change

    This week Our Opinions Are Correct aired an episode about the Illusion of Change. They do an excellent job explaining what it is – when long-running fiction (comics, Soap Operas, etc) has to eventually return to the status quo. They cover infamous examples like that time that Satan dissolved the marriage of Peter Parker and […]

  • Programming Update: March/April

    In March I went back to Advent of Code 2016. In an effort not to get stuck, I decided to go as far as I can in Python before going back around and working on the other languages. So I did days 6 and 7 in Python. Overall, relatively easy Regex problems. And that’s it. […]

  • 2022 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Race

    2022 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Race

    Last fall I finally got to race the official Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 mile course. This year, I FINALLY was able to run the race on the course in the spring. It was nice for the race to return to its place as the “Rite of Spring”. Although the cherry blossoms reached peak bloom […]

  • Scarlett (2022)

  • Podcasts I’m Listening to in 2022

    Podcasts I’m Listening to in 2022

    This time around I’ve written a Python script to take the OPML file from Podcast Republic and generate the list along with URLs and official descriptions for all the podcasts. If I have additional thoughts I’ll add them after the official description. The World Around Us 99% Invisible – Official Description: Design is everywhere in […]

  • NYRR Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K

    A couple weeks ago, anticipating the coming spring showers and the possibility of having to race in the rain, I bought an outfit from Tracksmith’s new Thaw collection. As usual, I brought all my running clothes to NYC, not knowing what the weather has in store. After all, it wasn’t supposed to snow last race. […]

  • Programming Update: January/February 2022

    I started off the year not expecting to do much programming. Compared to some months in 2021, I barely programmed, but I did end up programming much more than I expected. Let’s take a look at what I worked on in the first sixth of the year. Python Programs End of Year Video Games Helper […]

  • Review: Terms of Enlistment

    Terms of Enlistment by Marko Kloos My rating: 4 of 5 stars As I mentioned in one of my updates, this book follows in an esteemed lineage. We have Starship Troopers, written from the perspective of a Korean War vet. It’s the epitome of society to join the military. The Forever War, written by a […]