Author: Eric Mesa

  • Want to subscribe to It’s A Binary World 2.0’s RSS feeds?

    What’s RSS? It is a syndication protocal allowing you to get people’s blogs and news websites’ headlines delivered to your email or web browser client so that you don’t need to surf to each and every one of them to read them. You can also save them onto your computer for future reading! Wow, that […]

  • [1.0] Quotes

    “The truth is a hassle” – Mo Rocca “This is the way I did it and it worked so I didn’t think anymore” – Prof Land “It’s fun to program in assembler; so manly” – Prof Land “I majored in the most unmarketable major of all: Sociology.” – Alysha Cryer

  • More Chrono Trigger Revealed

    I wrote a long time ago in It’s A Binary World 1.0 about all of the symbolism in Chrono Trigger. That game was extremely deep for a video game, but Square (now Square-Enix) has been known to have some very intellectual aspects to their games. Before, I spoke of Massamune, the gurus of time, and […]

  • Exciting Weekend!

    I’m quite excited about this weekend. My fiancee’s sister is up with her friend and my brother flies in tomorrow. We are planning on spending at least Saturday together in order to have a good time and take a break from Cornell. Saturday night is also the final hockey game of the season. It should […]

  • Check out this beautiful picture

    page17 Originally uploaded by hiromama. I didn’t take this picture, rather I found it on, a cool new online community for hosting pictures. It’s based completely on open source software, which is pretty neat. But it’s a little hard to explain exactly how it works. Basically it links people’s pictures together in a complex […]

  • “Please See A Psychiatrist…”

    That’s what the computer told my fiancee. “You have been classified as having the symptoms of being bipolar,” it continued. A friend of mine had recently taken an online diagnosis using the school’s health website. I felt it was bogus and told him so, but to drive the point home my fiancee and I decided […]

  • Excellent

    The upgrade went off without a hitch. The new features are pretty neat, although I’m trying to see how to get back my original template. Overall, the new features are a great improvement over the previous version of the software, but, as usual, there is some getting used to with the new features. Still, the […]

  • upgrading your blog?

    Well, they have released a new version of my blogging software. For the first time ever I will be upgrading a blog. In a way, it’s a very good thing because I’ve been putting off learning how to backup my databases for a few weeks and part of the upgrade process is to backup the […]

  • Numa Numa Guy gets recognition!

    The Numa Numa guy, who I wrote about in my first blog here, was on the news today on MSNBC. He was also on VH1’s best week ever. Whether he intended to have this video shown all over the internet, or whether it was accidentally put into his file sharing folder, he is now a […]

  • Why Linux Magazines aren’t so unbearable to read

    Usually with a magazine, I feel a little sad reading it. In middle and high school I was subscribed to Electronic Gaming Monthly. Each month they would detail all of the new games coming out; their features and how to do certain tricks here and there. Since I was too young to purchase them and […]

  • [1.0] Happy Valentine’s Day

    I have posted two different posts in my blogs today. So you get twice the fun. Access the other one here. What is Saint Valentine’s Day about anyway? I wanted to share this with you since I found myself wondering the same thing… In researching the answer, I compiled facts from these three sources, Saint […]

  • Valentine’s Day

    I want to wish all of my readers a very happy Valentine’s Day. If you do not have a significant other this holiday, do not feel sad as you see all the couples about. If Valentine’s Day is about love, it need not be about love between lovers. Share your love with your parents, siblings, […]

  • [1.0] g33k stuff

    First of all, I’m pretty happy that Linux Format Magazine (UK) ranked my distro, Fedora Core 3, as the second best of all the distros. Additionally, they expect it to edge into the number 1 spot with the release of Core 4 this may. q:o) More info on those reviews in a future post. Second, […]

  • Great Friends

    I want to give a huge thanks to Katie Cheng who dropped what she was doing Friday night to give my car a jump. Even though I hadn’t left the lights on in the car or anything, the car refused to start, leaving me stranded at Best Buy. It was near 10p and Katie didn’t […]

  • Welcome to your Lucid Dream

    Yesterday I was doing looking for the website to Wikipedia and came across Wikibooks, which happens to be run by the same group, The Wiki Media Foundation. Since I knew what Wikipedia was, I decided to see what Wikibooks was. Well, the same way that Wikipedia attempts to be an encyclopedia which anyone can contribute […]