Review: Sins of Empire

Sins of Empire by Brian McClellan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you put a godstone on the mantle in act one….

Just to get my one issue out of the way – this trilogy is really just one giant book broken in 3. This book doesn’t really have a resolution at the end. In a strict technical sense, at least one of the storylines finishes up.

I really enjoyed this return to the world of Powder Mages, Privileged, and Knacked. We have the return of one of my favorite characters, Olem, as well as Vlora. Since the last series they’ve gone mercenary and for their storyline we follow as they have to deal with the missions they’re hired for. Just like the previous series we also have a couple more storylines that will eventually link up. One of them involves Michel, a member of the Blackhats – a gestapo-style police/intelligence force in Fatrasta. The other storyline is about Ben Styke. I don’t remember if we saw him in the previous series since people later bring up that he worked with Taniel Two-Shot.

We continue to have lots of names that are almost, but not quite real world names – Davd, Michel, etc. As well as names you would find here like Benjamin and Celine. It’s another fantasy political thriller and I found that McClellan mostly sticks the landing. You could probably find problems if you had to, but on a first read it kept me wanting more until I was done. If you enjoyed the Powder Mage series, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

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