Upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10

After waiting for a bit, turned out that the only real issue with Windows 10 is that you shouldn’t do Express Install unless you want Microsoft spying on everything. Also, now that I’m doing photography on Linux (another post about that at some point), the only thing I had to lose was the ability to play games for a while. The updater was pretty self explanatory and the process was more or less similar to a Fedora upgrade.

And here’s my Windows 10 Desktop:

Windows 10 Desktop 20150810
Windows 10 Desktop 20150810

Overall, the feeling I get is that of a dream started back in Windows 98 finally realized. Windows 98 had the whole Internet Desktop concept – you could put Internet slices on your desktop and it had this matte black theme. But we weren’t ready yet – we didn’t have broadband yet. So now, 16 years later, they’ve finally realized that idea with the Win 9x-Win 7 desktop and lots of internet added in – live tiles and that search bar on the bottom.

They’ve also added some great Linux innovations from the last few decades – virtual desktops and good notification areas.