Some oddities in Most Viewed Photos of the Day

So I’m looking over yesterday’s most viewed photos and I am seeing pictures that make sense – the baseball pictures I’ve been uploading for the past 3-4 days.
Throwing from Third
Checking to see if he should keep running
Flying into Second Base
Scoreboard and 1 Strikeout

And then I see….

Inuyasha Cosplay

Near the hem-line

I can understand the Inuyasha photo – it’s my most viewed photo for a reason.  But why the wedding photo?  And then I’m looking at the current most viewed photos and, again, it starts off with baseball as expected.

Duffy, Dan, and Min
Min at his first ever baseball game

But then, all of a sudden:

Mario Bday Cake - 016 - web

Be Wary of Any Man Who Keeps a Pig Farm

NYC Skyline Panorama (smaller for flickr)

I wonder what is driving people to these much older photos in my photostream.   I am happy they’re interested, though.  Keep coming to see ’em!

4 responses to “Some oddities in Most Viewed Photos of the Day”

  1. Bizarre. Be sure to thank me for all those photo views one of these days, haha. I’ve been linking and sending out that pig one for ages, I’m surprised that it’s only now hitting the top!

  2. Too deadpan there, I guess, but I’d like to emphasize that I’m just kidding about the pig. I’ve been sending the baseball ones around though.

  3. Oh, that’s funny. I get the same thing on Flickr. I got a couple thousand hits on a terrible photo I took years ago at a party. I have no idea why it’s so popular.

    • Yeah, oddly enough my most viewed photo is a cosplay photo and not the “sexual” one. (Although by the standards of what you see on flickr….sexual is a bit of a misnomer)