ReactOS Revisited Part 1

ReactOS - Firefox - 001
ReactOS – Firefox – 001

I decided to revisit ReactOS to see what had changed from 2.x that I reviewd before to the 2.9 release candidate. So I fired up VMWare and ran it. I was a bit dissapointed in the performance. I know it was VMWared and only had 128 MB, but Ubuntu was running beautifully VMWared with only 192 MB of RAM. It kept blue screening whenever I tried to visit this blog, for example. However, they are making really great work at binary compatibility. As a test, I went to the Mozilla website and downloaded Firefox. It installed and ran pretty well.

ReactOS - Firefox - 002
ReactOS – Firefox – 002

This was going to be my only review of ReactOS, but when I went to their site, I saw that 3.0 was out and it wouldn’t be fair for me to say how unstable it was if they had fixed that. So stay tuned!