[1.0] Yeah…what did you think would happen?

Today’s big news story, other than the Supreme Court stuff, involved the numbers from Detroit. Boy were they dissapointing! GM was down 25% from Sept last year and Ford was down 19% Toyota, on the other hand, had their best September EVER. Why? Well, it’s pretty simple. Detroit was making all of their money on those gas guzzlin’ SUVs while Toyota was focusing more on lighter cars and their Prius, which has been selling like bootleg DVDs on Canal Street.

I’ve been predicting (along with a few hundred thousand others) that this would happen as soon as gas got exepensive enough. With the cheapest gas around here coming in at $3.03 today (down from a high of $3.27), I don’t blame people for avoiding SUVs like the plague. Maybe Katrina and Rita, while extremely devasting to many personal lives, are just the kick in the pants America needed to help it get off of oil. Let’s hope our good old American ADD doesn’t kick in and that we do something before prices go back down, allowing us to complain again next time they spike.

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