Some April Home Photos of Sam and Stella

No time for working on photos, so here’s a bunch of photos from APRIL!

Scarlett Year 5 Portraits

Got together with Scarlett to shoot a portrait session for her fifth year of life! I can’t believe 5 years ago she was fighting for her life at the Johns Hopkins NICU. (Support them through my Extra Life campaign) Thanks to Dan getting me a boom stand for my birthday or Christmas (I don’t remember which) I could have a hair light and keep her hair from fading into the background as I made sure it was pure black (or close enough).

The thing where she puts her cheek into her shoulder – I didn’t direct her to do that. Somewhere (cartoons, other photos, kids at school) she got it into her head that was a cute/beautiful pose.

The 2016 Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Every year since Scarlett was born we’re been going to Clark’s Eliok Farm to get a pumpkin to decorate the house (and in later years for Scarlett to carve). This time was the first year for Sam and Stella. Overall they did extraordinarily well for 11 month olds who’d never been to a pumpkin patch before. Only Stella cried and that was only after it had gone on for a while.

Scarlett and the Pink Dress

When I went to do the 10 Month Photos for the Twins, Scarlett really wanted to participate. She helped me with the color picker and white balance. Then, afterwards, she wanted to do these veil photos. My favorite thing is that I didn’t tell her to do ANY of this. This is what she wanted to do and I just photographed. I enjoy her creativity.

10 Month Photos

Thanks to having Scarlett be the first photo with a color checker that has a white balance section, I was able to get the lighting and white balance perfect in that photo and then copy those settings to the other photos. After that, just a few tweaks to get each photo perfect. Allowed me to make the most of my limited time. Enjoy the photos!

First time at the Beach

Scarlett’s first time at the beach was much younger – five or six months – but with the twins it was just a lot harder to go on vacation. There are two of them to deal with, to pack formula for, etc. Also, for a long time Stella would spontaneously throw up. We’d dealt with that with Scarlett when we went on the trip to her first Christmas – where she kept throwing up in the car. It’s not fun.

But now the kids were a lot older and they were generally not throwing up, they were sleeping through the night, and they were even eating solids. It made it a lot easier to travel. So we went to Brighton Beach. What I thought was most interesting was that they kids were neither ecstatic about the beach nor afraid of it. They were kind of just neutral. There was some sandy stuff – let’s see what that feels like (and tastes like -ew!). And there’s an ocean – it feels weird on my feet. I’m curious so see how they’ll feel about it next year when they’re about 1.5 years old. I’m hoping they have as much fun splashing in the water and playing with sand as Scarlett did at that age.

Calico Critters

Scarlett really likes setting up her Calico critter houses, and I thought it was set up very nicely, so one day I did a photo shoot:

Then Scarlett got the really big house, so I took some more photos of her setup:

Multi-Generational Photos

Ever since Sam was born, I’ve been looking forward to a 4 generation male portrait. I’d done a female line portrait with Scarlett up to her great-grandmother. It was finally time to do the same for me. While we were out there and dressed up, we took a few other configurations of family photos. All the males are wearing guayaberas, a traditional shirt worn in the Caribbean, especially in Cuba.

After having had my grandparents here for a week, I’ve been so used to thinking in Spanish that I keep trying to tell Danielle things in Spanish. Last night I even dreamed in Spanish. I guess it does show that those neural connections just snap right back when immersed in the language.