San Francisco Trip Days 6 and 7: The Wedding (actually in Livermore) and Aftermath

The wedding day went the way these things always go. If you’re not involved you’re spending most of the day waiting around until it’s time to get your nice clothes on and go to enjoy the wedding. I went to get In-N-Out Burger for lunch and learned that Scarlett really, really likes french fries. There […]

Top 200 Photos: #194

The Top 200 Photos continues. photo #194 is   The flower and garter tosses are when weddings really get wild and fun. The person throwing usually fakes the first throw. There are usually shenanigans going on in the receiving crowd. But, as a photographer, my favorite part is when the guy puts the garter on […]

Jen’s Wedding Part 4: Some Highlights from the Portrait Shots

Here are some of my favorite photos from the group portraits session.  Some of these (mostly when it’s a group photo) were me “stealing” a setup that the official photographer had already set up.  Many of the shots with one or two people are quick shots I grabbed while others were being shot by the […]

Jen’s Wedding Part 1: The best camera is the one you have with you

Our good friend Jennifer Bonass got married a couple weekends ago.  The wedding was out in Chestertown, Maryland – out near Ocean City.  Since there’s only one bridge to get there, we left early to make sure we’d get there on time.  We got there insanely early (1-1.5 hours early) so I decided to take […]