Yashica A (Developed July 2016) Part 2: Cherry Blossom Festival

This is a short series I’m going to run here on the blog featuring photos from my most recently developed roll of medium format 120 film taken with my Yashica A twin reflex lens camera. I’m grouping photos together by subject. It’s interesting that after the photos I took at the park, I put the […]

Top 200 Photos: #94

Once again we arrive at the USA’s Capital for today’s Top 200 Photo. photo #94 is: I spoke about the Cherry Blossom Festival early in this project (http://www.ericsbinaryworld.com/2011/02/09/top-200-photos-195/). This is a panorama I constructed of about a quarter of the tidal basin that gives a good idea of what the cherry blossoms look like.