More Flickr Hacking

Over the last two days, between playing Portal and Age of Empires III (both of which are…awesome!), I’ve been doing a little more flickr hacking. This is very closely related to my previous Flickr program where I checked if my pictures were ready to be moved into the next views groups.

This time I wanted to see which of my photos were not in any groups. So in the case that I’ve missed putting a photo into the 25 views groups because it’s a few pages back and I really don’t have time to go back through all of my photos to find the pictures to put into the groups. I tried that once and it was excrutiatingly slow – even slower than figuring out if it was time to graduate my pictures out of the views groups. So here’s the output of my current program:

Flickr Not In Views API Python Program

It’s not looking through all of my stream just yet, I wanted to try it with just 200 pictures, to make sure I had things working well. I have over 2000 photos, so it will take a while to run when I have it fully working.