Top 200 Photos: #15

Another explosive Top 200 Photo photo #15 is: It’s pretty funny to have this photo of firecrackers appear right above the photo of fireworks. After all, it’s just a mini-version of the same thing. While I’ve been to a ton of Vietnamese weddings and this is the only one that had firecrackers – I was […]

Top 200 Photos: #16

Back to Brooklyn for today’s Top 200 Photo photo #16 is: This photo is also featured on the Pixel-Peeper site for the Sigma 10-20mm (B&H link). I’d taken photos of fireworks before, but they seemed to be missing something compared to other photos I’d seen. Then I learned that many times (although not always) these […]

Top 200 Photos: #18

Unfortunately, this isn’t the 13th most viewed photo in the Top 200 Photos photo #18 is: triscadecaphobia (also spelt Triskaidekaphobia) is the fear of the number 13. I don’t have triskaidekaphobia – I am not paralyzed on Friday the 13th. However, I do get bad vibes from the number whenever I see it. On the […]

Top 200 Photos: #24

Water drops again in this Top 200 Photo photo #24 is: It’s another photo of water droplets creating ripples. However, there’s one key difference here. It was actually used (via the Creative Commons license) as the source of ripples for three different images. Check them out here: image 1 ( image 2 ( image 3 […]