Top 200 Photos: #129

And once again we return to Brooklyn for this Top 200 Photo.

photo #129 is:
Brighton Beach Station 5

Danielle’s family lives off of the last stop for the Q or B trains (as of this writing). So it’s a great place to photograph if you want to have an empty subway car. It can get really busy in the summertime with people headed to the beach, but usually it’s pretty empty at that stop.

Top 200 Photos: #167

Back once again to NYC for today’s Top 200 Photo.

photo #167 is:
Dave's first ride on the New York Subway

Since I have family (in-laws) in NYC, I’ve tried, on occasion, to take my brothers to experience parts of NYC that we never got to see in the brief time my family rolled through before. On this trip, Dave got to ride a NYC subway for the first time.