I can’t believe it’s almost over!

I’m writing this post two days before my 365 project ends.  It will be published morning upon which I will take my last photo.  I decided to end it with an eight-part story.  You can start here and follow the photos in the set “The Dark Assignment” which should be open on the right.  (Better than […]

Update on the 365 Project

I first mentioned my participation in the 365 project back in May.  Ever since then I’ve gone back and forth between filler photos and some of my best creative work.  I’ve been trying as much as possible to explore different techniques and try to be as creative as possible.  Here are my best shots since […]

Starting New Projects

It’s been 16 days now since I started taking part in flickr’s famous 365 Project.  Well, flickr has many of them, but the most famous one most people partake in is the one where the photographer takes 1 self-portrait per day for 365 days.  The reason for the popularity in the self-portrait 365 project is […]