Why do people come here?

I looked at the top 60 of 365 search strings people type into search engines when they come to my site.  These represent 34.14%  of the search terms people type to get here. 

It seems that most people come here looking for:

  • Relient K ( 7.4%)
  • Gnewsense ( 5.2%)
  • Fedora 8 ( 4.71%)

The best thing is that ever since I switched from blog posts with URLs that look like http://server.ericsbinaryworld.com/p?923 to http://server.ericsbinaryworld.com/year/month/day/posttitle/ the search engines have been bringing more and more relevant searches over to my server.  Before they were way off topic due to the fact that the search engines were not picking up on my topics efficiently enough.  As you know, I love having more people come because it means more readers and I don’t feel like I’m typing for no reason.  Also, especially when it comes to Linux issues, I’d like to think that my posts can help others who are going through the same situations.  When it comes to the specific search terms that people are coming over for when it comes to Fedora 8, it’s obvious they are coming with questions I provide the answers to.  Here are some examples:

  • fedora 8 upgrade
  • fedora 8 upgrade slow
  • fedora 8 upgrade stuck
  • fedora 8 upgrade checking for dependencies
  • fedora 8 upgrade dependencies

And this is something I dealt with here, here, here, here, and here.  I then provided the final solution along with some extra words

So, I would advise anyone with the choice, to have those nice readable URLs.  Not only are they better for the users, but also for the search engines!

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