It seems this always happens in rap….

This article on AV Club considers how A Tribe Called Quest’s most critically acclaimed album is their worst artistically. I felt the same thing happened with GRITS – I LOVE their first two albums, but hate everything after that – which is when they started to pick up steam and be featured on MTV. It’s […]

Colbert v Steele in a Rap Battle

It’s been pretty ridiculous recently with Steele claiming to bring Urban cred to the Republican party. I think they feel like they have to have a black guy too. It’s just odd that suddenly after Obama’s President, they have a black chairman. Well, I know that eventually Hulu will pull this clip.  But until they […]

Crank That is the new Mashup Sensation

This annoyingly catchy rap song with crazy dance moves (there’s even a video online by the rapper to show you how to do the dance) is being put into all kinds of mashups. For some reason, these all seem to involve kiddie movies and Tv shows. Anyway, this gave me a pretty good laugh for […]