Developing my first plasmoid: The Data Engine (in python)

I figured it’d be neat to show you how my plasmoid works so you could use it when developing your own plasmoids.  Here’s the of my data engine.  The indentation is off, in case you try to copy and past this in. Here are the imports: from PyQt4.QtCore import * from PyKDE4.kdecore import * […]

Developing my first plasmoid part 3

I did it!  I have created my first ever useful GUI program.  After all these years of thinking that all the useful GUIs had already been invented – I found an itch to scratch.  And here’s how the final, working version looks: And so there it is!  I was actually surprised that this last little […]

KDE Look Part 6: 4 Months In

I started using KDE in November of last year so I figured that I’d give an update on how things are working for me four months in.  First off, KDE 4.6.x has not yet hit the official Fedora repositories.  Since I like to yum upgrade or preupgrade from release to release, I try to stay […]

Developing my first plasmoid Part 1

I have three main hobbies: photography, my webcomic and programming.  After spending a year working on my 365 Project, I’ve been taking a lot less photos as that part of my brain takes a break.  After working with Dan to get the story for INM worked out through May of this year and working on […]