2016 Listening Trends

For now, my music listening continues to be in decline relative to earlier in my life. Because the babies are often napping, I don’t have music playing throughout the day. And if I’m playing video games I’m usually not listening to music so I can stream. That said, when I do listen to Spotify at work, it usually Scrobbles and that has increased the number a bit higher than it would have otherwise been.


1. Weezer (185 listens) – After hearing the writer on Song Exploder I started listening to some of the older albums. I’d only ever heard the singles, so it was interesting to hear the albums.
2. 4minute (149 listens) – KPop day at work plus a bug on Spotify and on Android that makes a song keep getting counted over and over.
3. American Pinup (102 listens) – it’s on my phone, so their songs come up a LOT when I’m driving
4. Chance the Rapper (102 listens) – Chance finally released his third album. I liked some songs, but I didn’t like it nearly as much as Acid Rap.
5. Barenaked Ladies (87 listens) – just jumped back in to a band I was into in High School
6. The Beatles (84 listens) – as usual, they’re always here because I have SO many Beatles songs.
7. Rihanna (82 listens) – Nerdwriter’s look at Work had me listening to some more Rihanna on Spotify.
8. Five Iron Frenzy (75 listens) – I wanted to listen again because it’s been a while.
9. Drake (71 listens) – From listening to Rihanna, I ended up listening to Drake a little at work
10. Ramin Djawadi (66 listens) – After I got into Westworld and its great piano covers of songs, I went to listen to the soundtrack (and eventually bought it) and discovered he was also the composer for the Game of Thrones soundtrack. Spent a while listening to great songs.
11. Paul and Storm (64 listens) – Continued to listen to the closest thing we have to Tom Lehrer nowadays.
12. Thousand Foot Krutch (63 listens) – I went back to see if I still liked it. I don’t like the group as much as I did before, but there are still some fun songs.
13. Relient K (58 listens) – Again revisiting an old favorite band.
14. Billie Holiday (55 listens) – She is awesome. No reason not to listen to her.
15. G.NA (55 listens) – More K-POP!


1. 4minute — Cut it Out (92 listens) – this is the song that ended up being Scrobbled so much because of the bug on Android
2. Weezer — I Swear It’s True – Pre-Production Recording (46 listens) – it’s funny, I hadn’t realized this was a Weezer song until I went through their albums this year.
3. Drake — With You (33 listens)
4. SG Lewis — Yours (24 listens)
5. Prince — Stare (22 listens)
6. Chance the Rapper — All We Got (feat. Kanye West & Chicago Children’s Choir) (16 listens) – Of all the songs in Chance’s third album, this is the one I like the most
7. American Pinup — The Upper Hand (14 listens)
8. Beautiful Bodies — Invincible (13 listens)
9. American Pinup — Joy Ride (13 listens) – My favorite song from this album, it really has a great feel and I love playing it while I drive around.
10. [unknown] — Star Wars (13 listens)
11. Freezepop — Starlight (13 listens)
12. American Pinup — Storm Chaser (13 listens)
13. Chance the Rapper — Summer Friends (feat. Jeremih & Francis & The Lights) (12 listens)
14. American Pinup — Shelter (11 listens)
15. Rihanna — Work (11 listens)


1. American Pinup — Change Machine (100 listens)
2. Swedish Chamber Orchestra and Thomas Dausgaard — Schumann – Rise of the Masters: 100 Supreme Classical Masterpieces (99 listens)
3. Chance the Rapper — Coloring Book (94 listens)
4. 4minute — Crazy (93 listens)
5. Billie Holiday — The Complete Billie Holiday (52 listens)
6. Drake — Views (51 listens)
7. Weezer — Weezer (Deluxe Edition) (51 listens)
8. The Beatles — The Beatles (50 listens)
9. Lana Del Rey — Honeymoon (49 listens)
10. Acerina Y Su Danzonera — Danzones de Siempre (42 listens)
11. Thelonious Monk — Plays Duke Ellington (42 listens)
12. Ramin Djawadi — Westworld: Season 1 (40 listens)
13. Paul and Storm — Ball Pit (38 listens)
14. Beautiful Bodies — Battles (38 listens)
15. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment — Surf (35 listens)

Top All-Time Artists

They all remained in the same rank as last year.

1. Fantastic Plastic Machine Fantastic Plastic Machine (3,595 listens)
2. Anberlin Anberlin (2,768 listens)
3. Five Iron Frenzy Five Iron Frenzy (2,701 listens)
4. The Beatles The Beatles (2,425 listens)
5. Relient K Relient K (1,905 listens)
6. “Weird Al” Yankovic “Weird Al” Yankovic (1,693 listens)
7. Fall Out Boy Fall Out Boy (1,300 listens)
8. Gnarls Barkley Gnarls Barkley (1,121 listens)
9. I Fight Dragons I Fight Dragons (1,011 listens)
10. Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani (904 listens)
11. Andrea Echeverri Andrea Echeverri (894 listens)
12. DC Talk DC Talk (891 listens)
13. Tom Lehrer Tom Lehrer (875 listens)
14. Lostprophets Lostprophets (827 listens)
15. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (805 listens)

Top All-Time Songs

1. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — Over and Over Again (Lost and Found) (116 listens)
2. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood (116 listens)
3. Jonathan Coulton — The Princess Who Saved Herself (109 listens)
4. Fantastic Plastic Machine — Take Me To The Disco [Malibu Mix] (104 listens)
5. Fantastic Plastic Machine — Steppin’ Out (102 listens)
6. Gnarls Barkley — Who Cares (99 listens)
7. Gnarls Barkley — Just a Thought (93 listens)
8. 4minute — Cut it Out (92 listens)

All of these got dropped a rank by 4Minute JUMPING up the charts thanks to the Spotify/ bug.
9. Gnarls Barkley — The Last Time (87 listens)
10. Anberlin — Audrey, Start The Revolution! (85 listens)
11. Andrea Echeverri — Quédate (85 listens)
12. Gnarls Barkley — St. Elsewhere (85 listens)
13. Gnarls Barkley — Crazy (82 listens)
14. Fantastic Plastic Machine — Love Is Psychedelic (82 listens)
15. Gnarls Barkley — Smiley Faces (82 listens)

Scrobbles at end of 2016: 99,546

Scrobbles in 2016: 6,243 – about 3000 less than last year. Scrobbled music has been on a steady decline for me. Because last year had also fallen by 3000.

Various stats from’s year in music page:

  • Avg Scrobbles/Day: 17
  • Total Listening Time: 14 Days 11 hours
  • I mostly listen from 6 AM to 6 PM
  • I listen most on Wednesdays
  • 39% This year was listening to new artists
  • 53% New Albums
  • 48% new songs
  • I beat Dan in scrobbles this year – he doesn’t show up in my Top 5
  • But Dan beat me in artist discovery – 55% vs 39%
  • Longest streak was 39 days from 23 Oct to 30 Nov
  • 13 April I listened to the most music – 394 songs
  • 15 June listened to Weezer 63 times; 13 April listened to 44 tracks from Schumann. 2015 Listening Trends

Lots of artists made their spot because I attended a concert or discovered them this year and got very enthusiastic about listening to this new artist. There are also lots of Spotify scrobbles, but not as many as there would be if work’s firewall didn’t keep scrobbles from being counted.


  1. Anberlin (427 listens)
  2. Fall Out boy (239 listens)
  3. Jim Guthrie (221 listens)
  4. I Fight Dragons (214 listens)
  5. Paul and Storm (190 listens) – A nerdy folksy group that I really like. Their irreverence is my kind of fun.
  6. The Beatles (136 listens)
  7. Anamanaguchi (130 listens)
  8. Lionize (130 listens)
  9. Five Iron Frenzy (128 listens)
  10. Louis Jordan (113 listens)
  11. The Protomen (104 listens)
  12. Beebs and Her Money Makers (104 listens)
  13. Willy Chirino (93 listens)
  14. Katy Perry (93 listens)
  15. Ignacio Cervantes (92 listens)


Interestingly, only two new songs made the list this year – Talking Body and Know Yourself. Because I don’t listen to the radio, I discovered these via Spotify. The rest are all older songs that I happened to listen to a lot. And Chandelier came from Danielle getting the album and asking me to play it in the car.

  1. Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (TGIF) (17 listens)
  2. Katy Perry – Birthday (17 listens)
  3. I Fight Dragons – Chicago (17 listens)
  4. Katy Perry – Firework (16 listens)
  5. Tove Lo – Talking Body (15 listens)
  6. I Fight Dragons – Pretend (15 listens)
  7. Katy Perry – ET (featuring Kanye West) (14 listens)
  8. Sia – Chandelier (14 listens)
  9. Drake – Know Yourself (14 listens)
  10. Ginuwine – Pony (13 listens)
  11. Fall Out Boy – I Don’t Care (13 listens)
  12. Fall Out Boy – Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet (13 listens)
  13. Fall Out Boy – America’s Suitehearts (13 listens)
  14. Fall Out Boy – She’s my Winona (13 listens)
  15. Fall Out Boy – The (Shipped) Gold Standard (13 listens)

Top Overall Artists

A bit of jostling for position, but no radically new contenders. It’s a steep hill to climb to make it in here and I listen to a lot of music on random. It’ll continue to be a long time before bands I don’t listen to anymore like CYHSY, DC Talk, and Andrea Echeverri to fall out completely.

  1. Fantastic Plastic Machine (3587 listens) – No change in rank
  2. Anberlin (2756 listens) – Up from #3
  3. Five Iron Frenzy (2626 listens) – Dropped from #2
  4. The Beatles (2341 listens) – No change in rank
  5. Relient K (1847 listens) – No change in rank
  6. “Weird Al” Yankovic (1682 listens) – No change in rank
  7. Fall Out Boy (1275 listens) – Up from #8
  8. Gnarls Barkley (1117 listens) – Dropped from #7
  9. I Fight Dragons (1001 listens) – Up from #14
  10. Gwen Stefani (899 listens) – No change in rank
  11. Andrea Echeverri (894) – No change in rank
  12. DC Talk (864 listens) – Dropped from #11
  13. Tom Lehrher (856 listens) – Dropped from #12
  14. Lostprophets (816 listens) – Up from #15
  15. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (804 listens) – Dropped from #13

Top Overall Songs

I’m a bit surprised that nothing broke into this chart. However, a lot of Aberlin music is just 5 or so listens away from pushing out the tracks I rarely listen to anymore. This could be a more exciting and dynamic chart over the next two years.

  1. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood (116 listens) – No change in rank
  2. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Over and Over Again (115 listens) – No change in rank
  3. Jonathan Coulton – The Princess Who Saved Herself (109 listens) – Dropped from #2
  4. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Take Me To The Disco [Malibu Mix] (104 listens) – Dropped from #2
  5. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Steppin’ Out (102 listens) – Dropped from #4
  6. Gnarls Barkley – Who Cares (99 listens) – Dropped from #5
  7. Gnarls Barkley – Just A Thought (93 listens) – Dropped from #6
  8. Gnarls Barkley – The Last Time (87 listens) – Dropped from #7
  9. Andrea Echeverri – Quedate (85 listens) – Dropped from #7 tie
  10. Anberlin – Audrey, Start The Revolution! (85 listens) – Up from #14
  11. Gnarls Barkley – St. Elsewhere (85 listens) – Dropped from #9
  12. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Love Is Psychedelic (82 listens) – Dropped from #9
  13. Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (82 listens) – Dropped from #11
  14. Gnarls Barkley – Smiley Faces (82 listens) – Dropped from #12
  15. Andrea Echeverri – Amortiguador (80 listens) – Dropped from #12 tie

Scrobbles at End of 2015: 93305

Total Scrobbles in 2015: 9673 – about 3000 less than last year Listening Trends 2015 Q4

This was not a big quarter for listening to music for me. That’s mostly because Sam and Stella were born and so I didn’t have much ability to listen to music as I needed to be able to hear if they were crying or if someone needed help with them. According to I went from 1,104 scrobbles in Oct to 288 in November.

  1. Beebs and Her Money Makers (94 listens) – one of the songs came up randomly in Amarok which led me to listen through the albums a few times.
  2. The Beatles (55 listens)
  3. Kenny Clarke (44 listens) – A Fresh Air review of a new collection got me interested in him so I added it to my Spotify tracks. Really fun music.
  4. Anberlin (34 listens)
  5. DJ Cutman (33 listens) – I don’t know why, but I ended up with a lot of DJ Cutman music on my new phone and since I don’t like to use bandwidth while I’m driving, I’ve listened to it a lot in the car.
  6. Ignacio Cervantes (32 listens)
  7. Fall Out Boy (29 listens)
  8. Danny Elfman (28 listens)
  9. Katy Perry (26 listens) – all from Scarlett requests
  10. Relent K (25 listens)
  11. Five Iron Frenzy (24 listens)
  12. Jonathan Geer (19 listens)
  13. Vampire Weekend (18 listens) – heard a song so I wanted to re-explore the band. Some of the songs still hit me hard and others have faded.
  14. Sergei Prokofiev (17 listens)
  15. Anamanaguchi 16 listens)


Total Songs (in my collection): 16985 (Up from 16088 ) – Mostly from buying CDs with 100 tracks of various classical artists.

Total Artists: 4708 (up from 4626 )

Total Albums: 3601

Average Songs Per Album: 4.71

Average Songs Per Artist: 3.6 (up from 3.47)

Total Scrobbles at End of Quarter: 93,305

Total Scrobbles for this Quarter: 1638 – A thousand less than last time Listening Trends 2015 Q3

After getting to MGMT alphabetically, I tired of going through the list alphabetically. While I have rediscovered some music, I wanted to go back to my auto-playlists which would give me my favorites. I could always get back to going through things alphabetically in the future. One way to accomplish what I wanted was to see which songs don’t have a score – another would be to create a low score playlist I could run every once in a while to see if anything that had scored lowly was now something I wanted to hear.

The updated scrobbler now scrobbles my podcasts. On the one hand, sure, I’m spending time listening to that. On the other hand, the way it works ends up overcounting listens. Oh well.

  1. Anberlin (147 listens)
  2. Lionize (127 listens) – I wrote up a concert review in which they were one of the openers. I have to say that I have really enjoyed Jetpack Soundtrack and it has definitely earned it’s #2 spot.
  3. Reggie Watts (83 listens) – While I found the one episode of Comedy Bang Bang! that I’ve seen to be obnoxious, I find his humor as expressed in his sounds to be pretty funny. He also has a soul album that’s pretty good.
  4. Fall Out Boy (70 listens) – Because I have them on my phone, they get a lot of listens when I’m with the family. But I also finally got the latest album and have played that a few times.
  5. The Protomen (60 listens)
  6. Ignacio Cervantes (58 listens) – Both this one and the next one are from me exploring very old Cuban music.
  7. Acerina y Su Danzonera (54 listens)
  8. APM: Marketplace (54 listens)
  9. Five Iron Frenzy (51 listens)
  10. Giant Bomb (49 listens)
  11. MC Frontalot (43 listens)
  12. The Giant Beastcast (43 listens)
  13. Willy Chirino (40 listens)
  14. The Beatles (39 listens) – It’s only a matter of time before they take over the top spot.
  15. Louis Jordan (39 listens)


Total Songs (in my collection): 16088 (Up from 15709 ) – A decent jump, mostly from adding  in video game soundtracks as I completed the games.

Total Artists: 4626 (up from 4571 )

Total Albums: Amarok is glitching and refusing to say…

Average Songs Per Album: Can’t calculate

Average Songs Per Artist: 3.47 (up from 3.43)

Total Scrobbles at End of Quarter: 91,619

Total Scrobbles for this Quarter: 2912 – A bit less than last time, but I haven’t been listening to as much music. Listening Trends 2015 Q2

1. Anberlin (171) – Almost the same number of listens as my top artist last quarter (179 for I Fight Dragons). As usual, I continue to enjoy their music and have grown to appreciate some of the ones I didn’t like before. And some of the older stuff seems trite in comparison.
2. Jim Guthrie (168) – As I’ve mentioned before, his folk song compositions are mostly really enjoyable and I like his work on video games and soundtracks.
3. Paul & Storm (138) – I discovered these guys via John Scalzi. I was hesitant to back the Kickstarter for Ball Pit, but I’ve been enjoying the heck out of it on Spotify.
4. Fall Out Boy (101) – A lot of this is from a few recent road trips in which I didn’t want to use data and happened to have Fall Out Boy already on my phone. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the music.
5. Jonathan Coulton (61) – I’ve said so much about how much I enjoy this over the years. Recently Scarlett’s been asking me to play The Princess Who Saved Herself because I got her the book from Greg Pak’s kickstarter.
6. Louis Jordan (58) – I like to kick it to Louis Jordan on the weekends when I want something classic.
7. Anamanaguchi (56) – Some of this was from the high of seeing them live. Some of it was just from really enjoying the music no matter what, especially Endless Fantasy.
8. Jack White (54) – Another artist I’ve been listening to a lot of because of Spotify. His album Lazaretto does not do well on 30 second preview on Amazon. But because of Spotify, I want to buy the album.
9. Kanye West (42) – Most of this came from listening to my music alphabetically.
10. Lostprophets (41) – I may hate what the singer was accused of doing, but these songs still mostly rock.
10. Lana Del Rey (41) – Something I can throw on that both my wife and I like
12. Willy Chirino (34) – Most of the listens came from a greatest hits album on Spotify.
13. Buddy Rich (33) – Another album I wasn’t sure I wanted until I listened to it on Spotify. It reminds me a lot of the music in Cowboy Bebop
13. Five Iron Frenzy (33) – Perennial Favorite
15. Thelonious Monk (31) – something else I like to throw on Sunday mornings.


Total Songs (in my collection):  15709 (Up from 15522 ) – just barely increased. I haven’t found too much new music that I HAVE to have. And I haven’t had time to get the free music from the usual sources.

Total Artists: 4571 (up from 4560 )

Total Albums: 3529 (up from 3518 )

Average Songs Per Album: 4.45 (up from 4.41)

Average Songs Per Artist: 3.43 (up from 3.4)

Total Scrobbles at End of Quarter: 88707

Total Scrobbles for this Quarter: 3015– almost 1000 more than last quarter Listening Trends 2015 Q1

1. I Fight Dragons (179 plays) – Over this quarter I have continued to really enjoy the B Side to The Near Future and listened to them a lot after work. Scarlett likes quite a few of those songs as well.

I Fight Dragons Featured image
I Fight Dragons Featured image

2. Anberlin (74 plays) – For the concert last year I put all their albums on my phone. So when I listen to my music already on the phone, Anberlin comes up a lot.

Anberlin's Last Concert (Nov 2014)
Anberlin’s Last Concert (Nov 2014)

3. Celia Cruz (64 plays) – Been continuing to enjoy her hits.

4. Girl Talk (57 plays) – I don’t listen to Girl Talk as much as I used to, but I listened to it as I went through the artists in alphabetical order.

5. Jake Kaufman (52 plays) – from the alphabetical listens

6. Grits (51 plays) – from the alphabetical listens

7. Jim Guthrie (46 plays) – I got this as part of a Humble Bundle a year or two ago. I really enjoy lots of these songs.  He’s a great talent that not many talk about.

8. Hitoshi Sakimoto (40 plays)  – from the alphabetical listens

9. Fall Out Boy (39 plays) – As happens every quarter, I had an itching to listen to FOB.

10. Isaac Schankler (36 plays) – from the alphabetical listens

11. Jars of Clay (30 plays)  – from the alphabetical listens

11. Hannibal Buress (30 plays) – I really love his dry humor.

Hannibal Buress in Annapolis, MD (2013)
Hannibal Buress in Annapolis, MD (2013)

13. Christophe Beck (29 plays) – from the alphabetical listens

14. Taylor Swift (28 plays) – mostly for Scarlett

15. Gwen Stefani (26 plays) – from the alphabetical listens


Total Songs (in my collection):  15522 (Up from 15474) – just barely increased. With school and other things, haven’t spent much time trying to get new songs.

Total Artists:4560 (drop from 4562) – A slight drop – probably because I’ve been fixing tags as I go along.

Total Albums:3518 (drop from 3521) – Again, from fixing tags

Average Songs Per Album: 4.41 (up from 4.39)

Average Songs Per Artist: 3.4 (up from 3.39)

Total Scrobbles at End of Quarter: 85692

Total Scrobbles for this Quarter: 2060 – a lot lower than before. 2014 Listening Trends

Once again Scarlett had a hand in determining the year’s winners. However, sometime around June she stopped requesting Disney music all the time, allowing others a chance at the spotlight. Still, while other artists were able to take the top artist spots, I didn’t listen to any one song often enough to undermine the Disney songs taking the top spots there.


1. Alan Menken (450 listens) – THE Disney songwriter
2. Mandy Moore (332 listens) – 100% all of these are from the Tangled soundtrack
2. Five Iron Frenzy (332 listens) – I just enjoyed the heck out of FIF music this year.
4. The Beatles (329 listens) – As usual, this is a mix of me picking something different when the family’s together and just enjoying listening to it myself.
5. Anberlin (247 listens) – I had Google Music load all the albums to my phone in preparation for the concert. This means when I listen to music in the car, Anberlin is very likely to come up.
6 .I Fight Dragons (207 listens) – As I mentioned in the Q4 post, most of this is due to the new album coming out this year.
7. Donna Murphy (139 listens) – A great performance on the Tangled soundtrack.
8. Chance the Rapper (116 listens) – Many of these are from early in the year. I still really enjoy Acid Rap, but am also ready for something new.
9. “Weird Al” Yankovic (115 listens) – A new album produced most of these scrobbles. It’d be slightly higher if the Android app didn’t have a problem with the quotation marks in the artist name.
10. Childish Gambino (113 listens) – I went through as part of listening to my music in alphabetical order. It reinforced that I probably am done with him for now. Lyrically my wife can’t stand it and I shouldn’t listen to it in front of the toddler.
11. Celia Cruz (100 listens) – The Queen of Salsa.
12. Brad Kane (97 listens) – From the Aladdin soundtrack.
13. The Beach Boys (96 listens) – I continue to love Pet Sounds.
14. Billie Holiday (93 listens) – She’s so great it’s too bad she isn’t really played on many radio stations anymore.
15. Jonathan Coulton (92 listens) – Wow, didn’t realize I listened to so much JoCo.


No real comments to make here. It’s all Scarlett’s fault.

1. Mandy Moore – When Will My Life Begin (70 listens)
2. Donna Murphy – Mother Knows Best (69 listens)
3. Mandy Moore – When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 1) (64 listens)
4. Mandy Moore – When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 2) (59 listens)
5. Mandy Moore – I’ve Got a Dream (53 listens)
6 .Jodi Benson – Part of Your World (51 listens)
6. Mandy Moore – I See the Light (51 listens)
6. Donna Murphy – Mother Knows Best (Reprise) (51 listens)
9. Samuel E. Wright – Under The Sea (38 listens)
10. Daughters of Triton – Daughters Of Triton (37 listens)
10. Idina Menzel – Let It Go (37 listens)
10. Kristen Bell; Santino Fontana – Love Is An Open Door (37 listens)
13. Brad Kane – One Jump Ahead (36 listens)
14. Jodi Benson – Part Of Your World (Reprise) (35 listens)
15. Josh Gad – In Summer (33 listens)

Milestone Scrobbles

75000th scrobble was Chvrches – “Gun”. 80000th was The Cardigans – “My Favorite Game.” Don’t care much for the first, but the second is a lot of fun.

Top Overall Artists

1. Fantastic Plastic Machine (3,570 listens) – No change in rank
2. Five Iron Frenzy (2,502 listens) – No change in rank
3. Anberlin (2,329 listens) – No change in rank
4. The Beatles (1,912 listens) – No change in rank
5. Relient K (1,786 listens) – No change in rank
6. “Weird Al” Yankovic (1,504 listens) – No change in rank
7. Gnarls Barkley (1,086 listens) – No change in rank
8. Fall Out Boy (1,036 listens) – No change in rank, but sure to overtake Gnarls Barkley by this time next year
9. Andrea Echeverri (893 listens) – No change in rank
10. Gwen Stefani (868 listens) – No change in rank
11. DC Talk (859 listens) – Up from #12
12. Tom Lehrer (851 listens) – Dropped from #11
13. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (803 listens) – No change in rank
14. I Fight Dragons (777 listens) – Came up from below the top 15 and will probably overtake CYHSY and MAYBE Tom Lehrer in the next year.
15. Lostprophets (758 listens) – Dropped from #14

Top Overall Songs

Just lie their continued appearance on the top artist list despite the fact that I nearly never listen to them, it’s crazy that CYHSY, Gnarls Barkley, and Andrea Echeverri dominate the list. However, there are some signs that this may not continue much longer.

1. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood (116 listens) – No change in rank
2. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Take Me To The Disco [Malibu Mix] (104 listens) – Up from #3
2. Jonathan Coulton – The Princess Who Saved Herself (104 listens) – Up from #6
4. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Steppin’ Out (102 listens) – Up from #5
5. Gnarls Barkley – Who Cares (97 listens) – Dropped from #4
6. Gnarls Barkley – Just A Thought (91 listens) – Up from #10
7. Andrea Echeverri – Quedate (85 listens) – Up from #8
7. Gnarls Barkley – The Last Time (85 listens) – No change in rank
9. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Love Is Psychedelic (82 listens) – Up from #11
9. Gnarls Barkley – St. Elsewhere (82 listens) – No change in rank
11. Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (81 listens) – No change in rank
12. Andrea Echeverri – Amortiguador (80 listens) – Up from #14
12. Gnarls Barkley – Smiley Faces (80 listens) – Drop from #11
14. Andrea Echeverri – Menos Mal (79 listens) – Up from #15
14. Anberlin – Audrey, Start The Revolution! (79 listens) – First time on the list!

Scrobbles at End of 2014: 83632
Total Scrobbles in 2014: 12552. Interesting, I thought I’d listened to less music than last year. Maybe I did, but I listened to more scrobbled music this year? Or maybe I just misremembered. That’s what numbers are good for. Listening Trends 2014 Q4

1. Five Iron Frenzy (147 listens) – Many of these came from me continuing to go through my collection in alphabetical order.
2. I Fight Dragons (102 listens) – IFD’s Kickstarter album finally came out. I really like it a lot. I’ve been listening to the B side more than the song cycle, but that’s mostly because those are more easily listened to here and there while the song cycle is best heard all at once.
3. Anberlin (98 listens) – Tried to listen to a bunch of Anberlin to get ready for their farewell concert.
4. Fantastic Plastic Machine (71 listens) – Also from the alphabetical listen.
5. Fall Out Boy (63 listens) – Partly from the alphabetical listen and partly from Scrobbles from Spotify of their new singles.
6. Final Fantasy (Soundtracks) (50 listens) – from the alphabetical listens.
7. Edith Piaf (44 listens) – from the alphabetical listens. I’d completely forgotten we had a bunch of her music. We used to listen to it more often.
7. Doctor Octoroc (44 listens) – from the alphabetical listens. I really don’t like the albums anymore.
9. Willy Chirino (43 listens) – Mostly from listening to his great Christmas album. The only Spanish-language Christmas album I have.
10. Relient K (41 listens) – I felt nostalgic for some Relient K. Still love the earlier stuff.
11. DC Talk (40 listens) – While I still like some of the songs, others have not aged well.
12. Dj CUTMAN (39 listens) – I just love these remixes.
13. Celia Cruz (38 listens) – Put on some Celia because Scarlett really likes to dance to salsa.
14. Elvis Presley (35 listens) – Going through my collection of #1s.
15. Taylor Swift (32 listens) – Danielle got the new album and, unsurprisingly for Ms Swift, it’s quite catchy.


Total Songs (in my collection): 15474 (Up from 15303) – even less of an increase than before, but I haven’t been focusing on getting new music.

Total Artists:4562 (up from 4526) – again, only a few new ones.

Total Albums:3521 (up from 3496) – mostly one per artist, I think.

Average Songs Per Album: 4.39 (up from 4.38)

Average Songs Per Artist: 3.39 (up from 3.38)

Total Scrobbles at End of Quarter: 83632

Total Scrobbles for this Quarter:3093 – a lot higher than before. Listening Trends 2014 Q3

This quarter was a mix of new music, continuing to listen to my music in alphabetical order (by artist), and whatever I happened to listen to on my phone. And that resulted in a little something like this (a lot more ties than usual):
1. The Beatles (243 listens) – For the first time in a long time the Fab Four are back on top. I continue to love their later stuff although their older stuff is played out having spent my childhood listening to oldies.

2. Five Iron Frenzy (116 listens) – I still love the new album. I can listen to it over and over.

3. Alan Menken (104 listens) –  Blame Scarlett and her love of Disney Music.

4. Mandy Moore (89 listens) – Blame Scarlett and her love of Tangled

5.The Beach Boys (67 listens) – I think this is one listen to every Beach Boys song I own

6. Anberlin (44 listens) – Trying to get ready to see them at the Vans Warped Tour

7. dj BC (39 listens) – If you thought a Beatles and Jay-Z mashup was good, you need to hear these Beatles and Beastie Boys mashups.

8. Kristen Bell; Idina Menzel (38 listens) – Blame Scarlett and her love of Frozen

9. Donna Murphy (37 listens) – Blame Scarlett and her love of Tangled

10. I Fight Dragons (35 listens) – Another artist I am brushing up on for the Vans Warped Tour

10. Fitz & The Tantrums (35 listens) – Got the new album for Danielle. It’s pretty good although I really have a soft spot for the first album. I need to give this album another listen.

10. Beebs and Her Money Makers (35 listens) – Yes, I am going to see her for the second time at Warped Tour (first time was the Five Iron Frenzy concert last fall), but this was also about listening to her new album, which I Indiegogo’d. It has a great cover of TLC’s Waterfalls, but my favorite song on the album is Miss Captain Kangaroo.

Yeah, it’s not ska, but I REALLY like the song. It has a real classic rock feel to it. I LOVED it at last fall’s concert. It was the one that I said was a highlight that I thought was a cover. But from my research, I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

13. MC Frontalot (32 listens) – I just really wanted to listen to this one day, so I waited until i was taking care of Scarlett and Danielle had buggered off to some errands out of the house. Then I nerdcored my brains out.

14. Audioslave (26 listens) – Listened to this as I went through the alphabet. Still some good songs, but mostly it’s wearing off its welcome.

14. Relient K (26 listens) – Listening to the new album, still don’t like it as much as the previous ones.


Total Songs (in my collection): 15042 (up from 14472) – an increase of 570 – or half as many as last quarter. I think this has, at least partially, to do with the fact that stopped giving away a track a day.

Total Artists: 4421 (up from 4309) – 112 – again, about half as many as last quarter.

Total Albums: 3454 (up from 3333) – Again, it tracks well with the total artist increase as I didn’t very many albums for artists I already previous had.

Average Songs Per Album: 4.35 (a slight increase from last quarter)

Average Songs Per Artist: 3.4 (increased a bit from last time – again, less singles from RollingStone and more samplers from NoiseTrade)

Total Scrobbles at End of Quarter: 78080 – Got close to reaching the next 5k milestone, but then went on a business trip and I didn’t spend much time listening to music. Listened to a song or two on the drive in/out of work, but that’s it.

Total Scrobbles for this Quarter: 3228 – close, but not quite as much as last quarter. Even listening to as many as last quarter wouldn’t have made it to 80k listens, but would have been a lot closer. The Top 15 most listened to songs this quarter accounted for 966 scrobbles or 30% of the listens – even less than last quarter. Makes sense since I listened to a lot of random music on my phone and artists with only a couple songs while going alphabetically.

Listening Trends 2014 Q1

I started 2014 with a bunch of music I’d acquired in 2013, but which I still hadn’t listened to. So I created a playlist with a high weight on unplayed music from Q4 2013 to Q1 2014. I changed my Amarok settings so that instead of populating the next 11 items, it would populate the next 3. That way if I was getting bored with the new music (a lot of which is music I got for free so sometimes it’s awesome (to my tastes) and sometimes it’s just OK) I could switch to another dynamic playlist for a while and I’d just be three songs away from hearing some music I know I like. I also bought an album with 100 of the best Beethoven compositions. However, since I’m scrobbling the orchestra that played it (not the composer), I’m not sure if any of them will end up dominating the list. (They didn’t)

Eventually I switched to this playlist for a few weeks:

Uber Playlist
Uber Playlist

After I got tired of the Top 15 Songs, I went back to a playlist that only played new music as I’d been acquiring a lot of new music. I also started listening to all my music alphabetically here and there mixed between the new songs. The last time I did this it was before Amarok allowed for writing scores to the metadata. So I have lots of songs with a score of 0 and one or more plays. (Due to database corruptions that seem to coincide with new versions of Amarok. Although, I think it was a plugin I was running) It’s a good chance for me to once again rediscover some songs that I like and for them to get a score that allows them to come up when I’m listening to my auto-generated playlists. I rediscovered Aivi & Surashu who have some quite magical music. In fact, they are doing the soundtrack to the fun Cartoon Network show Steven Universe. Even so, a lot of scrobbles ended up dominated by my 2 year old’s demand for Disney music.

1. Alan Menken (276 listens) – Disney soundtrack master. Great songs.
2. Mandy Moore (153 listens) – These are ALL from the Tangled soundtrack. Yeah, Scarlett asked for it that much.
3. “Weird Al” Yankovic (90 listens) – Went on a Weird Al bender while grilling on a strangely warm February day. Something about Weird Al Google Music song metadata breaks scrobbling on my Android phone so this should be a bit higher.
4. The Beatles (77 listens) – I was looking for something different to play while playing in the basement with Scarlett and this showed up on Google Play’s main screen. Hadn’t heard The Beatles in a while so I played it.
5. Anberlin (74 listens) – Came up as I went through the artists alphabetically. Can’t believe they’re releasing their final album this year, but I’m excited to see them on the Warped Tour. Still remains the BEST personal example I have of piracy illicit acquisition being a good thing for bands. Heard “Ready Fuels” when one of my brothers got it without paying. Ended up buying every single Anberlin album. So stick it in your ___ RIAA!
6. Brad Kane (71 listens) – More Disney.
7. Donna Murphy (67 listens) – Mostly “Mother Knows Best” on the Tangled Soundtrack
8. Anamanaguchi (65 listens) – From my alphabetical listening.
9. Jodi Benson (63 listens) – More Disney.
10. Five Iron Frenzy (55 listens) – Just wanted to listen to some Five Iron Frenzy
11. Frank Ocean (54 listens) – Almost all of these listens came from my Top 15 playlist
12. Samuel E. Wright (49 listens) – Sebastian from The Little Mermaid
13. Robin Williams (45 listens) – Almost entirely the song “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin
14. Cheryl Freeman (44 listens) – One of the Muses from Disney’s Hercules
15. Taylor Swift (43 listens) – From Scarlett’s birthday playlist


Total Songs: 14 472 (up from 13 417) – Double the increase from last quarter. And I haven’t even added in all the new music I have.

Total Artists: 4309 (up from 3996) – I gained a LOT more artists than last time; 3 times as many. It’s been a great time for new music – especially with NPR’s South by Southwest sampler.

Total Albums: 3333 (up from 3052) – This matches the total artists increase pretty well since I get lots of singles.

Average Songs Per Album:  4.34 ( a slight decrease from 4.39) – I added a ton of singles, so no surprise there.

Average Songs Per Artist: 3.36(same as last time 3.36) – This is really weird.

Scrobbles at End of Quarter: 74,852 – so close to 75k! I wonder what will be my 75kth song. Will it once again be that Five Iron Frenzy song? A favorite song or a relatively unknown new song?

Total Scrobbles for this Quarter: 3772 – The Top 15 accounted for 1226 or 33% of the Scrobbles. Lower than last quarter, but similar to 2013 Q3. So a plurality of what I listened to isn’t accounted for here – but that makes sense given the reason why. (Recap: It’s because I listened to about 300 new artists and they mostly had singles) 2013 Listening Trends

This year I bought LOTS of albums. I don’t know if it’s the most albums I’ve purchased in one year since writing these blog posts or even since keeping track of Scrobbles. I do know that while I listened to my music randomly, in general, I did also listen to entire albums whenever I purchased one. Sometimes I’d listen to the album a few times and other times I’d take the album purchase as an opportunity to review the artist’s previous work. I know that was the case with Five Iron Frenzy (although that was also concert prep as I mentioned a few days ago), Relient K, I Fight Dragons, and Fall Out Boy. It was a very fun year for me, musically. Kacey Musgraves, for example, was a reminder that country music doesn’t have to suck. Disclosure made me realize that I could still like loop-heavy electronic music. I hope that I can continue to explore new sounds in 2014.


1. Five Iron Frenzy (645 listens) – As mentioned both up top and a couple days ago, many of these listens were preparatory for the November Concert. However, they remain one of my favorite bands and I anticipate a lot more listens to my favorite FIF songs in 2014. I like nearly every track of of Engine of a Million Plots, but I really like “Someone Else’s Problem”:

2. The Beach Boys (406 listens) – Listening to the Good Vibrations compilation brought me back to my childhood. As I’ve mentioned before, when we were kids we only listened to the oldies station. (Kinda the only station we were allowed to listen to) Listening to Pet Sounds allowed me to experience the brilliance behind the band I’d only known for pretty cheesy (but fun!) surfer singles. It’s a shame everything fell apart when it did – but you could say the same about a lot of bands.
3. Chance the Rapper (394 listens) – I’ve spoken a lot about how much I thoroughly enjoyed Acid Rap. It is almost single-handedly the album that made me believe in the creativity of rap music again. I know you could say this about almost any genre of music, but the rap stuff that gets played on the radio had become so cliche and so trite that I had all but given up on it. Chance shows what can transpire when you don’t have The Machine dictating what you produce and don’t slavishly imitate it.
4. I Fight Dragons (335 listens) – A lot of my I Fight Dragons listens revolved around excitement with the Kickstarter. Doubtless the number of listens would have been higher had the album come out on time. Still, I am extremely excited and impatiently waiting for it to arrive next summer. I played the heck out of Kaboom! so I think I’m probably going to take a break from that album for a bit.
5. Relient K (314 listens) – Again, a lot of listens to the new album. Tellingly, I didn’t play it at all from October to December. Not a bad album, but it just didn’t stick with me like the others did. Perhaps time will change this. We’ll see.
6. Anberlin (267 listens) – Another group where most of the listens are from the new album. It reminds me of how much I enjoyed the others (I can’t believe I bought the first album when I was a sophomore in college – nearly a decade ago!) I’m going to have to be sure to add some Anberlin to my 2014 music rotation.
7. Frank Ocean (253 listens) – I still enjoy Chanel Orange, but I’m also ready for something new. As is always the case with the artistic medium, I’m afraid the sequel won’t be as good. Like movie studios and book publishers, sometimes they can seek refuge in the comfort of the known. I’d like him to be able to continue to expand his voice as well as maintain the witty humor of this album.
8. Fall Out Boy (240 listens) – It’s funny, every quarter when I write one of these, I think about (and often write) how much I enjoy Fall Out Boy and resolve to listen to them more. I rarely deliver, but I blame that on my large collection. I have so much to listen to and not enough hours in the day in which to listen to it. (Especially considering there are certain albums, FOB not included, that I am forbidden to listen to in front of Danielle) Thus my love of Amarok’s dynamic playlists to keep me from the paralysis of choice. Whenever I have to choose who to listen to on Google Music I never think of bands like Fall Out Boy. Luckily Google has their auto-mixes to help me out there.
9. Anamanaguchi (225 listens) – As I mentioned a couple days ago, LOVE LOVE LOVE the new album. Hope there’s new stuff or another free live album this year.
10. Garfunkel and Oates (195 listens) – I’m done with these two for a while. Like any other comedic entertainment – you have to take a break so the jokes don’t get stale. I love me some comedy, but there’s a good reason Weird Al isn’t on this list. I even went on my Amazon wish list and removed any other of their songs. I recommend it to others, but I think I’m done for a while.
11. Jonathan Coulton (169 listens) – Nearly all of these came from excitement over the Code Monkey Save World kickstarter. Can’t wait for the albums that come out from that Kickstarter. The comic’s pretty great, too.
12. Lana Del Rey (163 listens) – Really like her music, but Danielle really played out the albums in addition to my listens. Lana (LANA…..LANAAAAAAAAAAAA!) needs to come out with that next album soon.
13. MC Frontalot (155 listens) – Listened to a bunch of this early in the year. I’m surprised that it made the top 15, but considering the number of singles I listened to – I’m not too shocked.
14. Jim Guthrie (152 listens) – Went through a bunch of his albums early in the year. Like Fall Out Boy, this is an artist I need to spend more time with.
15. Alan Menken (143 listens) – As I mentioned a couple days ago this came out of nowhere to #15 thanks to Scarlett’s requests for The Little Mermaid and Aladdin sountrack songs.


Rather than comment on each of these – many of which have been featured before, I’d just like to comment on the surprises. As I did last year, I’ll be making a Top 15 of 2013 label to apply to these songs. Now I can make a Top 15 dynamic playlist so I can listen to the Top 15 songs of both years (and all subsequent years)

1. Jonathan Coulton – The Princess Who Saved Herself (87 listens): I absolutely love this song, but I had no idea I had listened to it nearly 100 times. That just goes to show how well written it is- it’s hard to tire of listening to it.
2. Frank Ocean – Pink Matter [Explicit] (38 listens)
3. 현아 – Bubble Pop! (35 listens) – Scarlett requested this song a lot, but I can’t believe it was able to cut into the top 15 in just a month. That’s pretty incredible.
3. Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You (35 listens)
5. Chance the Rapper – Juice (34 listens)
5. Chance the Rapper – Cocoa Butter Kisses (ft. Vic Mensa & Twista) (34 listens)
7. Chance the Rapper – Lost (ft. Noname Gypsy) (33 listens)
8. Frank Ocean – Bad Religion (32 listens)
8. Frank Ocean – Super Rich Kids [Explicit] (32 listens)
8. Frank Ocean – Pyramids [Explicit] (32 listens)
11. Chance the Rapper – Pusha Man (ft. Nate Fox & Lili K.) (31 listens)
12. Frank Ocean – Sweet Life [Explicit] (30 listens)
12. Chance the Rapper – Smoke Again (Ft. Ab-Soul) (30 listens)
12. Chance the Rapper – Everybody’s Something (ft. Saba & BJ The Chicago Kid) (30 listens)
12. Chance the Rapper – Interlude (That’s Love) (30 listens)

Milestone Scrobbles

This year I got to two milestone numbers: 65k and 70k listens. As a strange coincidence, my 65 000th song was the same as the 60 000th song: Five Iron Frenzy’s “You Probably Shouldn’t Move Here”. How strange that would end up being the case considering all the random music I listen to. Speaking of random music, AlunaGeorge’s cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ Bout You” ended up being my 70 000th listen. It’s a pretty different atmospheric take than the original, which is the kind of cover I like to hear.

AlunaGeorge – Thinking Bout You

Top Overall Artists

1. Fantastic Plastic Machine (3,480 listens) – No movement
2. Five Iron Frenzy (2,170 listens) – Up from #4
3. Anberlin (2,082 listens) – Dropped from #2
4. The Beatles (1,876 listens) – Dropped from #3
5. Relient K (1,703 listens) – Up from #6
6. “Weird Al” Yankovic (1,548 listens) – Dropped from #5
7. Gnarls Barkley (1,085 listens) – Almost positive I haven’t listened to them once in the last year and probably for two years, but they remain on the top 15
8. Fall Out Boy (945 listens) – Up from #14 – biggest jump
9. Andrea Echeverri (881 listens) – Dropped from #8. Pretty sure I haven’t listened since 2010.
10. Gwen Stefani (857 listens) – Dropped from #9
11. Tom Lehrer (834 listens) – Dropped from #9
12. DC Talk (815 listens) – Dropped from #11. Don’t really listen to them much anymore, but if had existed back in the day, they’d probably still be in #1 or #2.
13. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (790 listens) – Dropped from #12. Another band I haven’t listened to in years. (Well, not 100% true – this summer I played a couple tracks for my mom to tell her about some groups that are popular despite having a grating sound)
14. Lostprophets (754 listens) – Dropped from #13. It’s a shame the singer was a paedophile. I try to separate personal lives from the entertainment that people make us. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to participate in a large part of pop culture. But I’m not sure I’ll be able to listen to this music without thinking of the atrocities. We’ll see.
15. Pizzicato Five (616 listens) – No movement. I like them, but like Fantastic Plastic Machine, I can’t listen to too much at once.

Top Overall Songs

Again, it’s crazy that I listened to “The Princess Who Saved Herself ” enough for it to break into the top 15 while none of the other songs in my top 15 made it here. The rest of these are songs that I mostly haven’t heard in years. I think it reflects how much my library has grown since I started Scrobbling.

1. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood (115 listens)
2. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Over and Over Again (Lost and Found) (113 listens)
3. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Take Me To The Disco [Malibu Mix] (104 listens)
4. Gnarls Barkley – Who Cares (98 listens)
5. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Steppin’ Out (97 listens)
6. Jonathan Coulton – The Princess Who Saved Herself (87 listens)
7. Gnarls Barkley – The Last Time (85 listens)
8. Andrea Echeverri – Quédate (84 listens)
9. Gnarls Barkley – St. Elsewhere (83 listens)
10. Gnarls Barkley – Just A Thought (82 listens)
11. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Love Is Psychedelic (81 listens)
11. Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (81 listens)
11. Gnarls Barkley – Smiley Faces (81 listens)
14. Andrea Echeverri – Amortiguador (79 listens)
15. Andrea Echeverri – Menos Mal (78 listens)

Scrobbles at End of 2013: 71 080
Total Scrobbles in 2013: 10 831. This is the first year I was able to calculate how many scrobbles I listened to in that year, so I’ll be interested in comparing this number next time around. 2013 Q4 Listening Trends

This quarter I mostly listened to my music on pure random with a few variations which’ll be accounted for below. This finally allowed The Beatles to place in 2013. In the last few weeks I just listened to music that I added in this quarter to make sure I had a chance to get to know some of the newer songs.

FIF Concert (Nov 2013)
FIF Concert (Nov 2013)

1. Five Iron Frenzy (198 listens) – I had a a FIF listening blitz leading up to their November Concert (which I still have to finish the blog post for). Lyrically, I think it’s the best album they’ve ever put out. Sonically, I think it’s in my top 3.
2. Celia Cruz (107 listens) – Almost all (if not certainly all) of these listens happened in the last month. Someone gave me Celia Cruz Absolute Collection for my birthday or Christmas (I’m so bad at remembering who gives me what – especially because I received all my gifts in quick succession over Thanksgiving)  and I loved it. It has all of Celia’s top songs from her entire career . I think it’s a great survey of how she evolved as an artist. The collection contained tons of gems I’d never heard because they came out way before I was born and weren’t played on the radio when I was growing up.
3. MxPx (101 listens) – Digitizing the I Fight Dragons flexi-disc motivated me to once again try to digitize my live MxPx album. In addition to listening to my newly created files, I also went back and listened to some of the older stuff.
4. Alan Menken (80 listens) – Scarlett discovered the ability to request for us to play certain songs for her. I spent much of December playing The Little Mermaid sountrack for her. I also played the Aladdin soundtrack for her. So Alan Menken comes out of nowwhere to the #4 spot for this quarter.
5. Anamanaguchi (62 listens) – More love for Endless Fantasy. I really, really like that album.
6. 현아 (HyunA) (53 listens) – I your really want to understand how obsessive toddlers can be over music, this is the perfect example. All but two of these listens were from Scarlett requesting to listen to HyunA. And a vast majority of these listens are for Bubble Pop. Thanks to Google Play caching the song on my phone, even Dina is now well-versed in HyunA’s single.

7. Michael Giacchino (51 listens) – This came from listening to some Pixar Soundtracks. Can’t blame Scarlett for these. I just really like Giacchino’s work.
8. The Chipmunks (44 listens) – All these listens come from my gift of The Chipmunks Christmas Vol 2. I’m pretty sure this gift came from my mom because we used to listen to the record of Chipmunks Christmas music pretty obsessively as kids and I think she mentioned that’s why she gave it to me. I listened to it a couple times on my own and then it just came up a bunch while I had my Christmas music dynamic playlist active.
9. Anberlin (41 listens) – Still really love Vital. Check it out whether you are, were, or never were a fan of Anberlin. I think it’s a great album.
10. Ari Pulkkinen (40 listens) – I got Trine 2 and its soundtrack as part of some Humble Bundle that had other games I really wanted. It’s an average soundtrack. Doesn’t jump out at me, but doesn’t suck.
10. Vampire Weekend (40 listens) – Dan got me Modern Vampires of the City. I’ve not been a huge Vampire Weekend fan, but I have liked some of their songs here and there. Interestingly, while Danielle has been opposed to Vampire Weekend in the past, she actually likes this album. Well, she really likes “Diane Young”; I’m not sure how much more of the album she’s heard.
12. Jodi Benson (39 listens) – Again, this comes from The Little Mermaid soundtrack. Put this together with the Alan Menken songs and it would take second place. Yeah….I listened to THAT MUCH Little Mermaid in December.
12. Todd Glass (39 listens) – from his album Todd Glass Talks about Stuff which I got from a comedy Humble Bundle. All I really wanted was the Hannibal Buress CD, so it was a nice bonus that I really liked this comedy special.
14. The Beatles (37 listens) – The Beatles finally make it back to the quarterly list although they’re near the bottom. Thanks to the pure random playlist they came up a bunch of times. They may make a comeback in 2014 as it’s been long enough since I really listened to some of the better Beatles albums and may throw them on the playlist, especially Let It Be.
15. Samuel E. Wright (35 listens) – Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. That’s right, if you took all The Little Mermaid songs together it would ALMOST have toppled Five Iron Frenzy from the top of the list. Scary….


Total Songs: 13 417 (up from 12 927) – A less dramatic jump in the end of the year as I only gained 500 new songs.

Total Artists: 3996 (up from 3891) – Not only did I gain about half as many songs, but I also gained half as many new artists in this quarter. Makes sense that the two are so tightly coupled since most of my new songs tend to be singles by new artists highlighted in Rolling Stone.

Total Albums: 3052 (up from 2 955) – Unlike last quarter’s strange anomaly, there was an increase in the number of albums.

Average Songs Per Album:  4.39 ( a slight increase from 4.37)

Average Songs Per Artist: 3.36 (also a slight incrasea from 3.32)

Scrobbles at End of Quarter: 71,080

Total Scrobbles for this Quarter: 2 231. The top 15 accounted for 967 or 43% of the totals scrobbles this quarter. So a much higher concentration of listens within the top 15 than last quarter where it was just 32%. 2013 Q3 Listening Habits

This quarter was a mix of listening to the music I had at work and listening on pure random. Once again Amarok lost the first played and last played stats. Of all the stats to lose, these are the least detrimental, but it makes the “don’t play songs I’ve heard in the last x days” playlists not work. So I just went on pure random and rediscovered some music I’d forgotten about. Once again no Beatles on the top 15. We’ll see if they can rectify that next quarter. (Note: I have added Amazon affiliate links this time around. If you use them to buy the music, it helps support this site)

  1. The Beach Boys (357 listens) – As I’ve mentioned before, I really, really love the songs on Pet Sounds and I think it’s a shame they didn’t get to create any more masterpieces like this one. I love all the  singles like Sloop John B and God Only Knows, but I’ve really grown to love I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times.
  2. Five Iron Frenzy (337 listens) – Nearly all of these listens came from their final album (before their 2013 Kickstarter Reunion) The End Is Here. It was the perfect cap to their career. It has me somewhat afraid that, like Futurama, it won’t match my memories and nostalgia. I especially loved That’s How the Story Ends and how it tied together all of their inside jokes. That really made it the perfect final album for me. It was also the first FIF album that Danielle enjoyed. Many different songs here have touched me at different points in my life, but the one song on here that always touches me and which I would probably put on a short list of 5 FIF songs that non-fans must listen to, it would be New Year’s Eve. I think everyone can understand the feeling on New Year’s Eve that maybe I didn’t accomplish everything I want. And what’s so special about the new year that has everyone making new plans they’ll soon break?
  3. Chance the Rapper (300 listens) – As I mentioned last time around, Dan recommended Chance the Rapper a couple weeks before everyone in the music scene was talking about him. Acid Rap is almost certainly going to end up as my favorite album of 2013. It’s gotten me to care about a rap album for the first time in just about a decade. You can get the mixtape here. But you’re not convinced it’s worth a few clicks, here are my favorite tracks:
  4. Relient K (198 listens) – Nearly all these listens are from Relient K’s latest album, Collapsible Lung. It’s an interesting release. I find that the album as a whole does not sound like Relient K. I was wondering if I’d accidentally bought an album from another group called Relient K. It even sounds on some of the songs as though they switched up who was singing. The content also seems unlike the old band. Most of the songs seem concerned with relationship, while before they usually would only have a couple songs about that. Additionally, with songs like PTL, it seems almost like a 180 from their previous focus. That’s not to say that it’s a bad album. The songs are catchy and there isn’t anything wrong with them. They just sound like a huge leap from the past. Compare PTL to Chapped Lips:

  5. Garfunkel and Oates (182 listens) – All these listens are from Slippery When Moist [Explicit]. I don’t have much to add this time around. I think they’re great for a laugh although, like Weird Al, you probably can’t just listen to it out loud because it’s unlikely there’ll be someone within earshot with the same sense of humor.
  6. I Fight Dragons (163 listens) – A lot of these listens were from Kaboom!, but I also listened to a bunch of Kickstarter promotional songs, including the Flexi Disk which I ripped when it arrived. I can’t wait for the new album, but I don’t think it’s going to arrive before January 2014 as they didn’t like the direction the producer was taking them and had to start all over again on the album.
  7. Lana del Rey (150 listens) – Not much to say here except that I loathe the new remix of Summertime Sadness.
  8. Jim Guthrie (147 listens) – I got a bunch of Jim Guthrie songs from a Humble Indie Bundle that contained his music and Indie Game: The Movie, which featured a lot of his music. He actually has a pretty eclectic style and I found that I really enjoyed a lot of the music, even if there is a melancholy to a lot of the music. The bundle came with 11 albums, so I think I only listened to each song once. I tried to quickly look for some of the songs I really enjoyed and here are a few.

    GetJim Guthrie songs on Amazon via this link and help support the site
  9. Frank Ocean (136 listens) – Frank Ocean has been featured on here many times. That’s because Channel Orange is awesome.
  10. kitty (formerly Kitty Pryde) (98 listens) – For both of Kitty’s albums, I’ve found that her songs have to grow on me. I have hated nearly every song on the album until I’ve heard it three or four times. Then I can tolerate some and actually enjoy others. My favorite song on DAISY RAGE is the fun Unfollowed. It’s a tale of unrequited love in our social media world. (warning: this song and pretty much each on the album is full of profanity)
  11. Anamanaguchi (89 listens) – Nearly all of the listens here are from Endless Fantasy. I already spoke about this album last time an everything I said still applies.
  12. Anberlin (78 listens) – Once again, this mostly revolved around the new album, Vital. I think it’s definitely a great album that has me pumped for next year’s next release.
  13. Jonathan Coulton (74 listens) – I mostly just listened some more because of the Code Monkey Save World kickstarter.
  14. The OneUps (68 listens) – I have no idea how I listened to this much The Oneups. Not that they suck, I just don’t remember listening to it this much.
  15. ItsTheReal (64 listens) – A great mixtape that is comedic in a different way than The Lonely Island. ItsTheReal makes fun of rap tropes a little more. I love this tribute to summer songs.

A repeat of what I said last time:

I wanted to include this new section going forward mostly for my own use because I’m a stats geek. I wanted to see how my collection was changing quarter on quarter and year on year. Was I getting more music or less than before? Was I more singles focused or album focused? Additionally, the final section, Total Scrobbles, will allow me to see how many songs I listened to in one quarter. It will be interesting to see what percentage of the songs I listen to in a quarter the Top 15 are. It’s an indirect measure of how many different artists I listened to. After all, when I listen to the songs I get from Rolling Stone it counts as a scrobble, but it doesn’t have a chance of appearing on the Top 15 compared to artists for which I have 5 or more full albums of music to listen to.

Total Songs:  12 927 (Up from 11 977) – Almost exactly 1 thousand new songs added to my collection in 3 months!?! That’s insane! Especially since they all came from legitimate sources!

Total Artists: 3 891 (Up from 3 706) – Went up by nearly 200,  so to get to the stats above, we’re talking an average of 5 songs per artist.

Total Albums: 2 955 (Dropped from 3 352 – weird!) I would have thought it would have increased as I’ve fixed some incredibly badly tagged MP3s. But I have been fixing tags and because of how Amarok works case-sensitivity made there appear to be more albums than there were. (ie Cash and CASH count as two different albums)

Average Songs Per Album: 4.37

Average Songs Per Artist: 3.32

Total Scrobbles at End of Quarter: 68,849

Scrobbles this Quarter: 4409. The top 15 accounted for 2441 of those scrobbles, or only 32%! Which is what I was expecting as per my Stats intro. It goes to show just how many one-offs I listen to – either singles or just songs I hear on random that I may love, but just don’t have enough representation by artist. If we consider that ~1000 of those scrobbles, or 25% came from me listening to those songs I got this quarter (I listen to each song I get at least once), we still nearly need to account for half of the songs I listened to this quarter!

Well, I’ll see you next quarter with the new quarter’s numbers as well as the 2013 numbers. 2013 Q2 Listening Habits

For the second quarter in a row The Beatles have NOT made the list! But that’s easily explained: I have been listening to a lot of new music and a lot of playlists that don’t include The Beatles. But as you’ll see, they kinda snuck in sideways. This quarter I spent a lot of time listening to Jonathan Coulton and I Fight Dragons because of their Kickstarters, which I backed. I Fight Dragons released two albums as Kickstarter bonuses – a live recording of their most recent concert and a remix album of sorts in which the band members sung different arrangements of the songs. There was also the new Fall Out Boy album, Save Rock and Roll. I really enjoyed the album but it was overtaken in my mind by the previously mentioned IFD and JoCo music and I quickly forgot they had a new album out. Again, that’s a shame since I did enjoy it and while I was in Florida last week I quickly tired of “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark”. Incidentally, I was reminded of why I stopped listening to live radio – it’s far too repetitive. I think the true problem is that it’s too formulaic in its repetition. I didn’t mind hearing “The Princess Who Saved Herself” every day for a week because the songs surrounding it were always different. On a separate note, I got some music for Father’s Day and I’ll mention that below.

1. Fall Out Boy (142 listens) – As I mentioned, the new album came out. I’d say that out of this 142 listens, probably 50 are from the new album. The rest of the listens come from me revisiting the old albums, as I usually do when a band is about to release a new one.

2. I Fight Dragons (135 listens) – I enjoyed the vibe of the concert album. I go hot and cold on the idea of live albums in general. Sometimes I think they’re great and other times I think they’re a more crappy version of the songs I like and the crappiness is not offset by my being there live with the vibe of the fans. This particular album is a little uneven. Most of the tracks are great, but the singers – both lead and background – go off key on a few songs. This was the last stop on a tour so their vocal chords may have been a bit strained. Plus humans just make mistakes live that can’t be edited out like they can in the studio. The instruments were solid and on target and the improvisation worked well. So while I enjoyed it a lot, I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing it with someone who hadn’t heard the band for fear they might think the band always sung off key. (And I have heard bands for whom that’s their thing – singing off key)

3. Jonathan Coulton (83 listens) – Something greater than 10% of this is “The Princess Who Saved Herself”. I love that song. As I’ll likely have mentioned on Monday’s post (I’m writing things out of order this week), it can be hard to find female-positive songs out there. But this is a song I’m happy to play for Scarlett. She likes the groove, too. It’s one of the songs that she’ll almost always dance to if it comes on. And it’s the entire reason I backed the JoCo kickstarter – they’re making a book out of this song as a stretch goal bonus. Enjoyed listening to the classics that Dan always chides me for focusing on: “Chiron Beta Prime”, “Mandelbrot Set”, “Code Monkey”, “Skull Crusher Mountain”, “Re: Your Brains”.

4. Chance the Rapper (75 listens) – As usual, Dan was ahead of the curve in recommending music to me. He recommended Chance about two weeks before I finally got around to listening to it. And then it was about another two weeks before he was suddenly everywhere. He appeared on NPR Music’s artists to watch in 2013. Then there was an article on him on Rolling Stone. Then I started hearing about him everywhere. He’s from Chicago and he’s only 20  years old, but his mixtape “Acid Rap” from which most of these listens come from is a GREAT album. He first came on the scene with his album “10 Day” which he created on a 10 Day suspension from High School. I heard that as well, but it didn’t resonate with me as much. I’m not sure if he’s matured that much (musically) in the past couple years or if it’s just a bias towards the first album I heard. I continued the trend of listening to albums Dan recommends while playing Team Fortress 2, so I think of that when I hear the songs. I pretty much like all the songs on “Acid Rap” except “NaNa” which has an incredibly annoying hook. My absolute favorite is “Cocoa Butter Kisses”. Be forewarned that there’s a lot of profanity and drug references on this album. That’s a testament to his musicianship, I think. Because I’m not into drug culture AT ALL and I prefer not listen to those songs for fear of Scarlett thinking I’m condoning the lifestyle. But there’s something sad on “Cocoa Butter Kisses” that really makes you identify with and feel bad for Chance (or the character in his song if it’s not auto-biographical) for being shunned by his family just because of his drug use. Also of worthy of special note: “Everybody’s Something” and “Favorite Song”.

5. Nobuo Uematsu (67 listens) – I was going backwards though my artists in Amarok and Japanese comes after latin characters, so I ended up listening to some great Final Fantasy music.

6. Anberlin (59 listens) – As I mentioned last time, I really enjoyed Anberlin’s new album, “Vital”. I continued to play it this quarter.

6. The Oneups (59 listens) – For Father’s Day I finally got their Super Mario Kart cover album; it’d been on my wishlist for years. I enjoy it quite a bit and it reminds me of way too many hours spent playing that game with Dan.

8. MC Frontalot (58 listens) – I just wanted to listen to a lot of tracks from The Front

8. Alan Menken (58 listens) – I created a dynamic playlist for Disney and Pixar music and it turns out I have a LOT of music scored by Alan Menken.

10. The Protomen (55 listens) – For Father’s Day I also got Act II: The Father of Death. This is a rock opera album retelling of how the world of Megaman came to be. However, despite being about a video game from my youth, I’d actually recommend this to anyone who’s a fan of rock opera. The album has a tinge of Queen to its sound. This is my first rock opera album so I’m not sure if this is par for the course or worth complaining about, but if you really want to know the story that’s going on with the rock opera you need to read the lyrics (where they have explanations of what’s happening during the instrumental sections). The upside is that many of the songs are great standalones. I was listening to “Light Up the Night” for 1-2 years before I bought this album and I loved it. Now that I think about it – I’m sure it’s not too different from my Broadway soundtracks, it’s just that I know the stories (having seen them) and subconsciously fill in the story between the songs. If “Light Up the Night” is still available for free, check that out and if you like it – buy the album!

11. Anamanaguchi (51 listens) – I’ve mentioned Anamanaguchi before – having used their music as great ambient music while studying or taking online exams. Until now I hadn’t paid for any of their music – I’d just grabbed whatever they’d put up for free on their website – some singles and a live performance at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. When I saw on my new music RSS feed that they had a new album, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to make the conversion to a paying customer. I tend to enjoy I Fight Dragons and their background use of chiptunes. I’d kinda burned out on chiptunes in general after Octorock. But then June’s Amazon Sampler had “Endless Fantasy” (the single) and I really enjoyed it, so I added the album to my wishlist. I ended up getting it for Father’s Day. I REALLY like “Prom Night” although you shouldn’t be surprised as it’s one of the songs on the album with lyrics. Bianca Raquel, who does the vocals on that track, has a beautiful voice. It’s also fun to see the humor in their titles: “Echobo” -> making fun of Chocobos, “Space Wax America” -> making fun of Weezer’s “Surf Wax America”, and “EVERYTHING EXPLODES” followed by “Interlude (STILL ‘SPLODIN’ THO)”. And it’s pretty awesome that they’re apparently not as obscure and niche as I thought they were since Wikipedia notes: “On May 23, 2013, the album debuted at the no.1 position on Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums chart as well as no.2 in Dance/Electronic Albums”

12. dj BC (50 listens) – A scrobbler error kept this from being at #6, but that’s OK. I heard about dj BC in a Boing Boing article that explained he’d created 3 mashup albums with Beastie Boys and The Beatles. As is the case with mashups, some of the songs are more seamless than others, but it’s still pretty awesome how well it works over so many songs. I’m not a huge Beastie Boys fan – I was a little too young during their heyday, but I find his three albums The Beastles, Let It Beast, and Ill Submarine to be pretty awesome and definitely worth a listen.

12. Nintendo (50 listens) – Again, from when I was listening to my music from the bottom of the pile in terms of artist names. Mostly Mario theme songs.

14. Relient K (40 listens) – They happened to come up whenever I did listen to music on random. I’m looking forward (at the time of this writing) to their latest album which comes out on 2 July, “Collapsible Lung”. (will be out for >1 week by the time this post comes out) It appears to be a return to a more pop sound although some of the samples seem a bit TOO generic pop (vs a more rock sound) so I’m cautiously optimistic about it.

15. Donald Glover (38 listens) – The final album I got for Father’s Day, “Weirdo”. I’d seen it on Amazon Video and really enjoyed it so I wanted to be able to listen along with all the other comedy albums I have.


I wanted to include this new section going forward mostly for my own use because I’m a stats geek. I wanted to see how my collection was changing quarter on quarter and year on year. Was I getting more music or less than before? Was I more singles focused or album focused? Additionally, the final section, Total Scrobbles, will allow me to see how many songs I listened to in one quarter. It will be interesting to see what percentage of the songs I listen to in a quarter the Top 15 are. It’s an indirect measure of how many different artists I listened to. After all, when I listen to the songs I get from Rolling Stone it counts as a scrobble, but it doesn’t have a chance of appearing on the Top 15 compared to artists for which I have 5 or more full albums of music to listen to.

Total Songs: 11 977

Total Artists: 3 706

Total Albums: 3 352

Average Songs Per Album: 3.57 – lowered, of course, by the many singles I have

Average Songs Per Artist: 3.23 – incredible, considering the artists for which I own their entire catalogue, they are essentially swamped by the number of artists for which I only have one song.

Average Albums per Artist: 0.9 – there should be at LEAST 1 for 1 so I’m going to attribute this to two things. First of all, compilation albums that have multiple artists per one album. Second, while I try to be very meticulous about my metatags, I do still have some mp3s from the wild west days (original napster) that might not have an album

Total Scrobbles at end of this quarter: 64 440 2013 Q1 Listening Habits

Funny Song Choice

For this quarter I’ve gone back and forth between picking albums to listen to and having dynamic playlists determine what I listen to.  For most of March I was listening to a bunch of free South by Southwest samplers with some pretty GREAT music.  Not a lot of repeat among the artists there so none of them appear on this list.  Some of those songs could potentially end up in the most listened song list at the end of the year.

1. Anberlin (89) – I spent a lot of time listening to their last album, “Vital”.  As I mentioned before, I think it’s the strongest of the past three albums and a real return to the power and return to the energy of the earlier albums while still exhibiting the personal growth of the last few years.  A while ago I was only marginally keeping tabs on the band, I’m now once again excited for their next album.

2. Frank Ocean (84) – I’ve spoken about Frank Ocean at least twice now in these quarterly reviews.  His music may or may not be your cup of tea, but the lyrics are playful while also expressing true emotion.  He uses humor to its best purpose – helping us swallow uncomfortable truths.  I really, really can’t wait for his next album.

3. MC Frontalot (69) – I heard an interview on Science Friday with MC Frontalot and it made me load in some of my favorite songs.  I think he mentioned he has an album coming out revolving around kid’s stories – that could be very interesting.

4. Fall Out Boy (50) – I was reminded of how much I loved the final album and then there was the announcement that the group would be reuniting to put out another.  In celebration I listened to “Folie a Deux”.  Still a great album!  (Of course, there aren’t 50 songs on FoD.  I having to like a lot of their songs so the dynamic playlist tends to bring them up a bit)

5. The Black Keys (44) – Danielle got all four albums for her birthday and some other event.  I listened to all the songs and developed the following opinions of The Black Keys.  They are talented musicians.  There isn’t really anyone that I know of that’s currently making the type of rock they’re making.  What genre is it?  Folk rock?  It seems to have a very old-school feel to it where the guitar seems half country and half rock – like the rock of old.  I also think that on any given album their songs sound a little too similar for me.  So while I will enjoy hearing songs here and there, I will probably not ever listen to entire albums again.  I like the first album the least and the last album the most.  The middle two are tied for second.  I really like the song “Next Girl” from the Brothers album.

6. The Beach Boys (40) – If I could scrobble the music I listen to at work (unfortunately I can neither install the scrobbler nor listen to streaming music at work) The Beach Boys would be number by a long shot.  I listen to “Pet Sounds” almost every day at work.  I really, really like that album.  I’d read it was a response to The Beatles and I think it’s a very worthy response.

7. Relient K (34) – Unlike Anberlin, Relient K hasn’t shown signs of returning to their old, more rock sound.  I’ll definitely approach the next album with caution.  However, I do enjoy those old songs.

8. James Primate (33) – This came from an album I got off of Bandcamp involving the soundtracks to a few indie games.  A fun listen.

9. Five Iron Frenzy (32) – As I continued to get antsy about the new FIF album, due out within the next few months, I went back and listened to some of my favorite songs.  The End Is Here is a real high point for the band and I can’t wait to see how they have evolved in the past eight years.  Their only released single so far is pretty awesome so I’m excited.  A recent interview I read about the new album sounding a bit grittier and having somewhat darker lyrics makes it sound like it might be the lovechild of the old Five Iron Frenzy and Brave Saint Saturn and that’s quite exciting.  While the first BSS album was a bit goofy and a bit saccharine at points, the final two are in my top 10 rock albums.

10. The Roots (27) – I tried to get into The Roots when their latest album came out and everyone was talking about how awesome they are.  But based on the 30 second snippets on Amazon I couldn’t tell if I’d like it.  But after watching Jimmy Fallon over the past year and hearing how talented The Roots are as the house band I decided to give them another chance.  This time I got the first two compilation albums.  It made me realize there were others doing rap like the first two GRITS albums.  In fact, GRITS was probably musically influenced by The Roots as they were around first.  I LOVE that early Roots stuff and I’ll have to make sure to listen to these albums again.  I really wish GRITS had stuck with this style rather than going for Dirty South.

11. 2 Mello (26) – Daniel passed along this mixtape that combined Jay-Z’s lyrics with Chrono Trigger music.  Overall, it’s a great composition.  I think The Grey Album is a better mix and more consistent since it takes all its Jay-Z lyrics from The Black Album.  Also better than the other rap I’d heard over Chrono Trigger music – YTCracker’s Chrono Nurga.

12. Cory Johnson (24) – These listens came from listening to this album.  As I told Dan, I’m over Legend of Zelda and Mario covers.  Let’s see some Portal, Assassin’s Creed, or other games.  Still, this is a great album.  Wonderfully done covers.

13. Fantastic Plastic Machine (22) – I’d taken a bit of a rest from listening to Fantastic Plastic Machine.  It’s the kind of music that I just can’t listen to over and over like I can with some other albums.  But a recent Fresh Air interview made me think about the eponymous first album – the one which is the most Shibuya-Kei (渋谷系) and listen to it again.  While Luxury and the subsequent albums have some good songs, this is the one in which I like the greatest percentage of the music.

13. Jake Kaufman (22) – He has a great album of the Double Dragon Neon soundtrack.   It’s a throwback to the Double Dragon of my childhood.  It’s bombastic and crazy and a lot of fun to listen to.

15. Danny Elfman (18) – Danny Elfman continues to appear nearly every quarter for the second or third year now.  He deserves it – his soundtrack work is great!