Ten Thousand Views!

Inuyasha Cosplay
Who knew Inuyasha was that popular?

This photos is my most viewed photo on flickr and today it reached 10,000 views!  The pace of views has been insanely quick.  (for one of my photos)   It only had 5,000 views 18 months ago and ever since then I’ve been wondering when it would reach 10,000 views.  Now the next milestone on the flickr views groups is 25,000 views.  It’ll probably take a while to get there.  I know there are some who get 25,000 views in one day, but I’m not one of those, so this is pretty exciting for me.  10,000 pairs of eyeballs have seen this photo and that’s awesome.


Spoonbill showing off his...err....spoon bill
Need me to dig a hole for you?

Going over photos that were moving from one views group to another on flickr, I discovered this photo that I really love.  I love how his head is cocked, I love the idea of a bird with a built-in shovel, and I love how sharp the photo came out.

It’s Back!

A while back I unveiled a web utility for telling when it was time to move a photo from one flickr views group to another.  It got tons of hits.  Then I switched my server and it all stopped working.  Beej had gone to a new framework for traversing the XML and had some problems porting it over.  Finally got everything fixed up over the weekend and I can come out with version 0.3!

Go here to use it!