How Flock has completely changed my browsing habits

Flock has completely changed how I interact with the so-called Social Web.  In my case, that means Facebook and Flickr.  Ever since I first started using Flock and received the help I needed to get the blogging to work, I’ve been using it every day.  In fact, that only thing that has kept me from […]

Getting Compiz Fusion to Work Well

In order to get my title bars back, all I had to do was run compiz-fusion in the terminal. To get it to persist I had to do SYSTEM–>Preferences–>Personal–>Sessions. Click on add, name it whatever and the command should be compiz-manager and to get all the awesome plugins you’ve been seeing since the merge with […]

Upgrading Fedora with Yum

I followed the procedure at so the point of this is just to go over my experience with these steps. Review and remove all .rpmsave and .rpmnew files before and after upgrading I basically did a locate, found them and deleted them. for a in $(find /etc /var -name ‘*.rpm?*’); do b=${a%.rpm?*}; diff -u […]

Fedora 8 yum upgrade success

Well, at least it worked pretty well on my future PVR. I will give a more detailed explanation/directions of my experience for others who may be wondering if this is really as scary as it sounds since it’s “unsupported”. However, my main Linux computer is much, much more complex in the number of packages installed. […]

Fedora 8 is released!

I’m bit torrenting is as we speak. Get it here. Be nice and download via bit torrent if you can so we can all share in the bandwidth! And here’s the release announcement: Official Announcement: (To the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”) It’s close to midnight and something cool is coming through the “tubes” It’s […]