Top 200 Photos: #161

Back to Cornell for today’s Top 200 Photo photo #161 is: Ah, the Cornell Arts Quad. It’s where everyone plays frisbee. It’s where a large portion of Cornellians go to class. I was really into panoramas at Cornell. If I had the technology in today’s software back then, I probably would have done even more […]

Top 200 Photos:#172

Back to Cornell for today’s Top 200 Photo. photo #172 is: Slope Day is an annual day of debauchery at Cornell, taking place on the last day of classes. Slope Day has gone through quite a few evolutions. This photo was taken in 2002, my freshman year, which was the last year in which Slope […]

Top 200 Photos: #176

No #177 because it was already covered. photo #176 is: John Cleese is a comedic genius. I think that history will eventually give him and his Monty Python collaborators a place equivalent to Charlie Chaplin. They helped transform not only British comedy, but American comedy. Many in the US, most notably the creators of South […]

Top 200 Photos: #187

Today’s Top 200 Photo. photo #187: What I love about this photo is that it captures two things that were key to the Cornell experience – passing out quarter cards (known as carding) and attending a Capella performances. It’s not far-fetched that the Andy character from The Office was in an a Capella group at […]

Top 200 Photos: #189

Back to Cornell for this entry in Top 200 Photos. photo #189 is: This photo is from of the earliest batch of photos I uploaded to flickr.  I had just discovered Photoshop and was using what I learned from a book to create paintings from my photos.  After spending a good semester doing stuff like […]