Comics Review: Batman, Inc, Prelude to Schism, X-23, Chew

Good Focus on the New Guy Batman, Incorporated # 7 – Medicine Soldiers I like this Batman, Inc issue because it mostly focused on the new guy with Batman playing a very small part. The dynamic between Man-of-Bats and Raven is played very well. There’s a lot of history here and you can feel it. […]

Comics Review: Astonishing X-Men

A Fitting Followup to Morrison’s Run Astonishing X-Men Omnibus # 1 – Astonishing X-Men Omnibus I came into this right on the heels of Morrison’s run in the Ultimate 3 Volume collection. I know there’s an Uncanny Volume that takes place between the two, but it doesn’t look like it contained anything that kept me […]

Comics Review: New X-Men, Batman, Inc, X-Men: Legacy

Morrison at his BEST! New X-Men Ultimate Collection # 1 – Book 1 Holy cow! That’s not strong enough, that volume requires some high level “Whoa!” and “DID YOUO SEE THAT?” and all kinds of profanity (if you happen to condone such tings) to describe what a ride it was to read Morrison’s take on […]

Comics Review: Onslaught, Flashpoint: Lois Lane, Daken, X-Men: Legacy

Pause the Action. Survey the World X-Men: Complete Onslaught Epic # 2 – Volume 2 For the most part Volume 2 of Onslaught: the Complete Epic is just filler. The first issue or two deal with the X-Men on their mission to deal with Onslaught. Reveals that Xavier is like Batman: crazy prepared! He has […]

Comics Review: X-Men: Legacy, Batman, Inc, Buffy Season 8

Is X-Men: Legacy always this confusing? X-Men: Legacy # 250 – Lost Legions, Part 1; Flashback; Into the Abyss This is only my second issue of X-Men: Legacy, but it seems to jump around more than the other Marvel books I’m reading. When #249 ended, we saw Rogue and Magneto maybe about to get it […]

Comic Reviews: Detective Comics, Prelude to Schism, X-Factor

Holy Freakin’ Wow! Detective Comics # 875 – Lost Boys I loved this issue from cover to cover! First time I can say that in 2011! Wow! I loved Bullock’s section even though it didn’t really have anything to do with the story. I loved how it was drawn and coloured and how his narration […]

Comic Reviews: Astonishing X-Men, Onslaught, Batman, Inc

Like a fun Sci-Fi Movie Astonishing X-Men # 38 – “Meanwhile” Part One This issue reads like a fun sci-fi movie. It’s great – it’s almost like a cross-over comic I read a decade ago where Superman ends up on the planet with the Aliens from Alien. In fact, the X-Men go to investigate a […]

Comic Reviews: Batman and Superman, Batman and Robin, X-Men, FF, X-Men: Legacy, X-Factor

Falls off so quickly The Batman Chronicles # 7 – The first story is pretty neat – you get to see differences in how Batman and Superman interpret the law and due process as they fight to save a woman who may have been falsely put to the death penalty. And Batman and Supes even […]

Comic Reviews: Flashpoint, Flashpoint: Batman, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Uncanny X-Force

Another Good Arc Intro Batman and Robin # 23 – The Streets Run Red, Part 1 of 3: Ins and Outs And, I should mention, another cover that lies. (Been seeing a lot of those on the 2011 FF book) Anyway, I’m not sure how much of this sticks with the DCU Reboot/Refresh, but it […]

Comic Reviews: Gotham City Sirens, Harley Quinn, FF, and Flashpoint

I wanted to share my comic book reviews with my blog-reading audience without forcing them to go to Comic Vine to find them.   Leaves you Wanting More Gotham City Sirens # 23 – Friends, Part 1 I am just returning to reading comics after a 12 year hiatus. Additionally, I was never that big […]