Colbert v Steele in a Rap Battle

It’s been pretty ridiculous recently with Steele claiming to bring Urban cred to the Republican party. I think they feel like they have to have a black guy too. It’s just odd that suddenly after Obama’s President, they have a black chairman.

Well, I know that eventually Hulu will pull this clip.  But until they do, enjoy the extremely creative editing of the The Colbert Report’s team in this rap battle between Colbert and Republican Chairman Michael Steele.


Time to empty out my quotes from my AIM profile again, here are the latest:

“My vagina is always better than a white girl’s” – Mai


Guest on Colbert Report: “Yes, you learned very well in Sunday School.”
Colbert: “I teach Sunday School Mother F-cker!”


“[Operating System] Open Solaris is good for diversity”
“What? That’s like saying that schools should make sure they have enough Ginger Kids to keep diverse”