Top 200 Photos: #120

Cardinalis cardinalis is featured in today’s Top 200 Photo. photo #120 is: Danielle and I love cardinals. We love how bright red they are, their “masks”, their mohawks, and the way they hop around on the ground. The funniest thing about cardinals is that they try to act tough with the smaller birds, but the […]

A Daily Photo: Getting Dry

Sometimes the simplest things in life give the best pleasure. I love watching animals do the things they do. I pass by this lake chock-full of geese every day on my way to work. They’re only there in the morning before they go out in search of food and whatever it is geese do during […]

January Background Calendar

I was reading Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography books when he suggested making a background calendar to get my photos out there.  A lot of people at work like to have these types of backgrounds and I follow another photographer/blogger that does the same.  Here’s my January 2010 calendar.  To make these your background, click on […]