Tutorial: Geo-Tagging Your Photos

Recently I was listening to The Command Line Podcast and the host mentioned one way to help others is to write up a tutorial on your blog whenever you learn a new skill or task.  Since the information I needed for geo-tagging my photos was fragmented, I decided to write up a tutorial following my […]

Lightroom 2.0 – it just keeps getting better and better

The more I’ve been learning about Lightroom 2 (technically now at 2.3), the more I’ve been liking it!  First of all, I learned that – thanks to new camera profiles (also available in the latest camera raw software) – I can get my photos to start from where Canon’s own RAW software would have started. […]

One more look at Adobe Lightroom (this time 2.3)

I just wanted to really elaborate on why I think Adobe Lightroom is a program any enthusiast to pro user should own.  Although, as I related here, LR has grown on me, going through the photos I shot at my cousin’s wedding has really cemented my love for Adobe’s product.  Here are my two favorite […]

Adobe Lightroom 2: Further Use

So I did a test and found that as long as I save the metadata to the file, Adobe Bridge (even with CS2) can correctly read the changes.  So I decided to work in Lightroom to see if it was worth buying.  I can say that I am really loving it!  I’ve been able to […]