2014 Listening Trends

Once again Scarlett had a hand in determining the year’s winners. However, sometime around June she stopped requesting Disney music all the time, allowing others a chance at the spotlight. Still, while other artists were able to take the top artist spots, I didn’t listen to any one song often enough to undermine the Disney … Continue reading “ 2014 Listening Trends”

K-Pop and 10 of their Crazy Music Videos

K-Pop has been making a splash in America in a big way. Although they have nearly subsumed all music in Asia and are getting big in parts of Europe and the Middle East, K-Pop in the USA seems to be about where J-Pop was during the height of the anime/manga crazy in the last 1990s … Continue reading “K-Pop and 10 of their Crazy Music Videos”

Grand Canyon Trip: 5 Oct 2010

While on my trip to the Grand Canyon I kept a journal of my experience in order to create an after-the-fact travelogue.  Presented over the next few days is an edited version + photo essay of my trip. — 5 Oct 2010 Tomorrow I get to see the Grand Canyon!  I’ve been waiting to see … Continue reading “Grand Canyon Trip: 5 Oct 2010”