Creating VSCO-Like Photos with RawTherapee

Lots and lots of people ask on Reddit every single day how to get photos that look like they were created with VSCO. Basically – crushed blacks and split-toned. Everyone always gives instructions on how to do it in Lightroom. But no one ever talks about how to do it in RawTherapee, so I decided … Continue reading “Creating VSCO-Like Photos with RawTherapee”

Bridging the XMP Gap with Digikam, RawTherapee, and Exiv2

I found one way around the situation involving a DNG going to RawTherapee and creating a JPEG image that’s missing the title and tags when read by Digikam’s Exiv2 library. It may not be perfect, or even the best way. But it’s one way around the issue that I was easily able to confirm with … Continue reading “Bridging the XMP Gap with Digikam, RawTherapee, and Exiv2”

Creating a Black and White Image in RawTherapee

Issues with tags and titles aside, I am really liking RawTherapee so far as my Lightroom RAW processing replacement. I wanted to document my process for getting to a black and white photo that I like both as a tutorial of sorts, but also to document for myself how it works with RawTherapee. I’ve activated … Continue reading “Creating a Black and White Image in RawTherapee”

GIMP 2.10 is out!

It’s been six years in the making, but GIMP is finally out with their GEGL-enabled version. Although some pros had made use of it, it is now 90% of the way towards being a Photoshop replacement. The next+1 release with non-destructive layer edits will finally get it there. I’m also happy it can use RawTherapee … Continue reading “GIMP 2.10 is out!”

Sam and Stella’s Five Month Portraits [Studio Style]

What I edited and what I didn’t Danielle mentioned that it looked like I’d messed around with the image because the strings on Sam’s photo looked fake. Actually, that’s how it was captured in the camera. The strings were reflective and, as I’m about to get into, there was a lot of light in this … Continue reading “Sam and Stella’s Five Month Portraits [Studio Style]”

Black and White Conversion Challenge Round 1

Now that Google has released the Nik Collection for free, I wondered which is the best way to convert a color image into a B&W image. So I wanted to compare the results from RawTherapee, GIMP G’MIC Plugin, and Nik Collection in Photoshop. What follows are four videos as go through the processes. Here are … Continue reading “Black and White Conversion Challenge Round 1”

Addendum to Yesterday’s Post About Leaving Lightroom

Two redeeming bits of news for RawTherapee (even though one of them means there’s still something to be solved before I can switch completely to this new bit of software). When updated to the latest RawTherapee (the version in Fedora 21’s official repositories is old), the issue with pink images disappears RawTherapee is indeed preserving … Continue reading “Addendum to Yesterday’s Post About Leaving Lightroom”

Thinking About Moving Away from Adobe Lightroom

Last Fall I started considering moving away from Lightroom after having used it for nearly a decade. Back then I was making use of the student price to actually be able to afford it. Competition from Apple Aperture and other programs caused it to eventually drop to $150 per version. But Adobe seemed to be … Continue reading “Thinking About Moving Away from Adobe Lightroom”