Addendum to Yesterday’s Post About Leaving Lightroom

Two redeeming bits of news for RawTherapee (even though one of them means there’s still something to be solved before I can switch completely to this new bit of software). When updated to the latest RawTherapee (the version in Fedora 21’s official repositories is old), the issue with pink images disappears RawTherapee is indeed preserving … Continue reading “Addendum to Yesterday’s Post About Leaving Lightroom”

Thinking About Moving Away from Adobe Lightroom

Last Fall I started considering moving away from Lightroom after having used it for nearly a decade. Back then I was making use of the student price to actually be able to afford it. Competition from Apple Aperture and other programs caused it to eventually drop to $150 per version. But Adobe seemed to be … Continue reading “Thinking About Moving Away from Adobe Lightroom”

My RAW Workflow in Adobe Lightroom 5

I wanted to record this as it may make future discussions on forums, mailing lists, and even on this blog make more sense. For those who are sight impaired or have low bandwidth limitations, essentially: Import RAW files (And I forgot one important step – rename them!) Rate them Edit in Develop Module Create Virtual … Continue reading “My RAW Workflow in Adobe Lightroom 5”

Using Digikam from the Point of View of Lightroom User

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I’ve been into photography since I was five years old.  That’s when I got my first Kodak Instamatic camera and started shooting photos and creating photo albums.  I have about ten photo albums, with most of them coming from when I got to high school and could really … Continue reading “Using Digikam from the Point of View of Lightroom User”

Lightroom 2.0 – it just keeps getting better and better

The more I’ve been learning about Lightroom 2 (technically now at 2.3), the more I’ve been liking it!  First of all, I learned that – thanks to new camera profiles (also available in the latest camera raw software) – I can get my photos to start from where Canon’s own RAW software would have started. … Continue reading “Lightroom 2.0 – it just keeps getting better and better”

One more look at Adobe Lightroom (this time 2.3)

I just wanted to really elaborate on why I think Adobe Lightroom is a program any enthusiast to pro user should own.  Although, as I related here, LR has grown on me, going through the photos I shot at my cousin’s wedding has really cemented my love for Adobe’s product.  Here are my two favorite … Continue reading “One more look at Adobe Lightroom (this time 2.3)”

Adobe Lightroom 2: Further Use

So I did a test and found that as long as I save the metadata to the file, Adobe Bridge (even with CS2) can correctly read the changes.  So I decided to work in Lightroom to see if it was worth buying.  I can say that I am really loving it!  I’ve been able to … Continue reading “Adobe Lightroom 2: Further Use”

Adobe Lightroom Initial Reaction Review

For quite some time I’ve been been struggling with the point of Adobe’s Lightroom.  Other than competing with Apple’s Aperture, it appears not to have a purpose.  Of course, right around the time Lightroom (LR) was hitting its stride, I stopped reading photography magazines.  The zine I loved the most was a British one published … Continue reading “Adobe Lightroom Initial Reaction Review”

Creating VSCO-Like Photos with RawTherapee

Lots and lots of people ask on Reddit every single day how to get photos that look like they were created with VSCO. Basically – crushed blacks and split-toned. Everyone always gives instructions on how to do it in Lightroom. But no one ever talks about how to do it in RawTherapee, so I decided … Continue reading “Creating VSCO-Like Photos with RawTherapee”

Creating a Black and White Image in RawTherapee

Issues with tags and titles aside, I am really liking RawTherapee so far as my Lightroom RAW processing replacement. I wanted to document my process for getting to a black and white photo that I like both as a tutorial of sorts, but also to document for myself how it works with RawTherapee. I’ve activated … Continue reading “Creating a Black and White Image in RawTherapee”

Year of the Linux Desktop? For Real this time!

I still really love using Linux, but I don’t follow the Linux press like I used to. I’ve settled into a comfortable zone where I only follow Fedora and KDE news since that’s what I use. But I followed it very closely for nearly 10 years. Every year there’d be multiple articles asking whether this … Continue reading “Year of the Linux Desktop? For Real this time!”