Home Server Project Update 2: Goodbye Arch Linux

As I documented before, I’ve had problems with Pogoplug and Arch Linux running my servers. Recently I’ve been having problems logging in via SSH on my updated Fedora computers. From what I can tell from a little research, it seems the old way of connecting had a flaw so updated SSH doesn’t want talk to … Continue reading “Home Server Project Update 2: Goodbye Arch Linux”

Current Projects

A Page to keep track of computer projects I’m working on and their status: Kodi: A project to backup all my video media and create a Netflix-like experience of local media Status: Nearly complete TODO: Transcode all remaining commercial media Rip/transcode personal media – eg Wedding Video Related Blog Posts: 1, 2, Snap In Time … Continue reading “Current Projects”

Upgrading SuperMario to Fedora 21

The latest curl works with XBMC (now Kodi) so it’s time to upgrade my main Fedora computer. fedup –network 21 –product=nonproduct So that started running at 1427. The d/l finishes at 1500, but as usual some stuff to take care of. Mostly packages left over from previous versions of Fedora. WARNING: problems were encountered during … Continue reading “Upgrading SuperMario to Fedora 21”

Upgrading Kuribo

Upgraded my netbook, Kuribo, to Fedora 21. fedup –network 21 –product=nonproduct Went off without a hitch. Like the new login theme. Waiting to make sure the curl in F21 works with Kodi (formerly XBMC) since the current newest version in 20 doesn’t work.