Forget gays, let’s have drug addicts and convicts in the military!

We’re currently mired down in a war that is wearing our armed forces thin. The military is having a hard time meeting its recruitment targets and they have resorted to lowering their recruitment standards. Reports in the news have talked of people with drug problems and prior prison time being hired. Open gays? No – … Continue reading “Forget gays, let’s have drug addicts and convicts in the military!”

He’s cheating on his wife? With a gay man?!?

A Pastor with ties to the White House, Republicans, and Anti-Gay Marriage stuff in Colorado has been accused of having an affair with a gay man. Now, the elections are just 4 days away, so the first thing I thought was – this is TOO perfect. This has to have been made up to defame … Continue reading “He’s cheating on his wife? With a gay man?!?”

Podcasts I’m Listening to in 2016

I’ve both added and dropped some podcasts since last time around. Ever since I started using Doggcatcher on my cellphone I’ve been able to listen to more podcasts because, even without the pitch distortion my sandisk had, it plays the content a lot faster. Where I’m listing the same podcast as last year I may … Continue reading “Podcasts I’m Listening to in 2016”

Sex is more of a continuum than binary

So, this paper in Nature reveals that sex is much more complex than just having XX or XY. I think an awesome followup would see if trans and/or gay/lesbian people had more of these chimeric conditions. Although, everything has potential for evil, I think this would be super helpful to parents of kids who were … Continue reading “Sex is more of a continuum than binary”

February Video Game Report: Civ, Analogue & Hate Plus Review

Civilization V ( 20 hrs): Lefties Dido tried to be opportunistic and attack me while I was at war with the Celts. Now she is facing my wrath. I will not stop until she has been wiped off the map. Left a contingent behind to make sure the Celts don’t get cute. About to pay … Continue reading “February Video Game Report: Civ, Analogue & Hate Plus Review”

Teenagers, Sex, School Sex Ed, and The Church

When I became sexually active (which I’ll loosely define as when I started trying to kiss and touch girls), here’s what I’d been told: School: there are tons of diseases you can get so don’t have sex Parents: If you have sex, make sure you use a condom to protect from aforementioned diseases as well … Continue reading “Teenagers, Sex, School Sex Ed, and The Church”

Cancel the Russian Winter Olympics?

Stephen Fry is asking for the Olympic Committee to cancel the Winter Olympics in Russia this Winter. The reason is their recent horrible actions against LGBT people. Politically, I think Fry’s in the right. (The gay stuff plus tons of other bad things Russia’s been doing lately) But I feel it could be unfair to … Continue reading “Cancel the Russian Winter Olympics?”

DOMA’s Gone! A Good First Step

This Thursday morning I tweeted that I would need to take a look at the actual ramifications of the Supreme Court’s 26 June decisions before I did too much celebrating. I was right to have a tempered reaction. As is pointed out in the Rolling Stone story on the decision, all the overturning of DOMA … Continue reading “DOMA’s Gone! A Good First Step”

Maybe the Slippery Slope is a Good Thing? Slate Has An Interesting Call For Legalizing Polygamy

The slippery slope rebuttal can be pretty annoying depending on how dumb the person using the argument wants to be.  For example, many people say all the surveillance cameras we have everywhere are a slippery slope towards totalitarian governments.  While I think we still have a few tricks up our sleeves before we have to … Continue reading “Maybe the Slippery Slope is a Good Thing? Slate Has An Interesting Call For Legalizing Polygamy” listening habits Q4 2012

Throughout the month of October I alternated between listening to newly acquired music (of which I had quite a bit) and a dynamic playlist that was weighted so that most of the music had auto-ratings above 90, less music above 75, and even less above 50. Any song that I listened to only once would … Continue reading “ listening habits Q4 2012”