Using Digikam from the Point of View of Lightroom User

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I’ve been into photography since I was five years old.  That’s when I got my first Kodak Instamatic camera and started shooting photos and creating photo albums.  I have about ten photo albums, with most of them coming from when I got to high school and could really […]

2014 Blog Stats

WordPress sent me my Jetpack stats email for 2014. Here’s what they said: Post with Most Views in one Day 2014:  Using Digikam from the Point of View of a Lightroom User (10 Sept – 216 views) 76 New Posts 13 day streak – best streak Day of week with most posts? Wednesday (15 posts) […]

Fedora 21 Beta KDE Spin Part 2

It’s a week and a half after the last time I looked at the Fedora 21 and about 2 weeks away from the final release if there aren’t any showstopping bugs. I just did an update and it appears that Fedora 21 will start out with KDE 4.x instead of KDE 5. I spoke to […]

Free Windows VMs!

For once I found a way to run Windows for free that wasn’t a scam! Turns out the Microsoft makes VMs of Windows XP through Windows 8 available for free. The point is for you to be able to test how your websites will look in different versions of IE and different versions of Windows. […]

KDE 2013

Desktop – Mario/Super Mario: KDE 4: Blender Activity: Calendar Activity: Programming Activity: 30 Dec: 9 Feb: Video Editing Activity: 4 Dec: Video Games Activity:   4 Dec: Photography Activity: 4 Dec: Multimedia Activity: 30 Dec: 9 Feb: School Activity: 30 Dec: 4 Dec: Main Activity: 30 Dec: 25 May: 9 Feb: