Teenagers, Sex, School Sex Ed, and The Church

When I became sexually active (which I’ll loosely define as when I started trying to kiss and touch girls), here’s what I’d been told: School: there are tons of diseases you can get so don’t have sex Parents: If you have sex, make sure you use a condom to protect from aforementioned diseases as well […]

Review: Boss Fight Games Bible Adventures

Bible Adventures by Gabe Durham My rating: 4 of 5 stars It was interesting to read about this game from someone that had a similar upbringing and encountered it for the the first time at church, as did I. It was always a weird thing to exist, especially since I didn’t know at the time […]

Review: The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch

The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch by R.J. Von-Bruening My rating: 3 of 5 stars Disclaimer: I got this book for free as part of Good Reads First Reads I asked for this book because I find it interesting that it’s actually mentioned in by canonical books in the New Testament, but the book itself did […]

Five Iron Frenzy and Reel Big Fish Concert in Silver Springs, MD

On 6 Nov I went to my 2013 concert. Because of time and money concerns, Danielle and I typically go to a maximum of two concerts a year, and usually just one concert. I was completely unable to resist seeing Five Iron Frenzy in their first tour since breaking up nearly a decade ago. I […]