Teenagers, Sex, School Sex Ed, and The Church

When I became sexually active (which I’ll loosely define as when I started trying to kiss and touch girls), here’s what I’d been told: School: there are tons of diseases you can get so don’t have sex Parents: If you have sex, make sure you use a condom to protect from aforementioned diseases as well … Continue reading “Teenagers, Sex, School Sex Ed, and The Church”

Review: Boss Fight Games Bible Adventures

Bible Adventures by Gabe Durham My rating: 4 of 5 stars It was interesting to read about this game from someone that had a similar upbringing and encountered it for the the first time at church, as did I. It was always a weird thing to exist, especially since I didn’t know at the time … Continue reading “Review: Boss Fight Games Bible Adventures”

Review: The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch

The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch by R.J. Von-Bruening My rating: 3 of 5 stars Disclaimer: I got this book for free as part of Good Reads First Reads I asked for this book because I find it interesting that it’s actually mentioned in by canonical books in the New Testament, but the book itself did … Continue reading “Review: The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch”

No, Florida, No.

Apparently my old stomping grounds of Ft Lauderdale have passed an ordinance making it illegal to feed the homeless. WTF, Florida? Anyone who is active in church should be fighting this with civil disobedience. They can’t arrest all of you!

Five Iron Frenzy and Reel Big Fish Concert in Silver Springs, MD

On 6 Nov I went to my 2013 concert. Because of time and money concerns, Danielle and I typically go to a maximum of two concerts a year, and usually just one concert. I was completely unable to resist seeing Five Iron Frenzy in their first tour since breaking up nearly a decade ago. I … Continue reading “Five Iron Frenzy and Reel Big Fish Concert in Silver Springs, MD”

Why Is Pop Culture so Anti-Woman?

When you’re part of a dominant class you don’t realize how differently you see the world. Sure, I’m ethnically Hispanic and have suffered humiliation and financial consequences over one overt racist incident. But by and large the world is my oyster. I’m a man and racially I’m white. In fact I’ve had coworkers come to … Continue reading “Why Is Pop Culture so Anti-Woman?”