Review: Big Pulp: Interrogate My Heart Instead

Big Pulp: Interrogate My Heart Instead by Bill Olver My rating: 4 of 5 stars As per usual for anthologies, a collection of my status updates: “Interrogate my Heart Instead” – an interrogation in a fascist regime that goes to some interesting places because of its brevity and the look inside the interrogator’s head. “What … Continue reading “Review: Big Pulp: Interrogate My Heart Instead”

Visiting Walt Disney World with a 3 Year Old

This post is meant to be a followup to last year’s post, Visiting Walt Disney World with a 2 Year Old. I’ll be referring to, and updating, that post with the elements that were different this time around. For one, I said she wouldn’t remember the first trip. While that’s certainly true in the long … Continue reading “Visiting Walt Disney World with a 3 Year Old”

25th Anniversary of The Web Invites some Introspection

If you’ve been following Internet news recently, you know that the World Wid Web is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. Lots of people have been talking abou tthe first websites they ever set up. Unfortunately for me, my earliest sites were not captured by the Internet Archive. But I started on the web around … Continue reading “25th Anniversary of The Web Invites some Introspection”

Visiting Walt Disney World with a 2 Year Old

For a while during Scarlett’s second year Danielle and I went back and forth on whether we should take Scarlett to Disney just before her second birthday or whether we should wait until she was older. On the one hand – she’s not going to actually remember this trip. Or rather, any memories she has … Continue reading “Visiting Walt Disney World with a 2 Year Old”

Will we actually finish this time? (4000 BC)

Ever since the play by email (PBEM) feature in Civilization IV, I’ve tried to play multiplayer games with my brothers. It’s pretty ridiculous in this day and age that Civilization has Nintendo-level abysmal support for asynchronous play. The games often take 40 hours to complete solo and even longer when playing live so asynchronous play … Continue reading “Will we actually finish this time? (4000 BC)” 2013 Q1 Listening Habits

For this quarter I’ve gone back and forth between picking albums to listen to and having dynamic playlists determine what I listen to.  For most of March I was listening to a bunch of free South by Southwest samplers with some pretty GREAT music.  Not a lot of repeat among the artists there so none … Continue reading “ 2013 Q1 Listening Habits”

November 2012 Video Games Report

Civilization V (17 hrs) – I took advantage of the Steam Fall Sale to finally pick up the Gods and Kings expansion to Civ V.  I have enjoyed founding my own religion, Otakuism.  Religion plays a much more key role than they did in Civ IV.  In the previous game, I would pretty much just … Continue reading “November 2012 Video Games Report”

The Future of Today’s Games

Recently I was putting away my old video game systems into deep storage.  The Playstation 2 hadn’t been played in a year and I didn’t want to clutter up my entertainment console with unused systems.  So I started exploring the emulation landscape on last generation’s systems.  Would I be able to play last generation’s games … Continue reading “The Future of Today’s Games”