April – August 2014 Video Games Report

April: Civilization V (7 hrs): Met Dan in Mesa Bros; Waiting in Lefties Game May: Civilization V (11 hrs): More of the multiplayer games. June: Civ V (3 hrs): More multiplayer games. Super Meat Boy (30 min): I played a few levels until it began to get too hard for me. It is a very … Continue reading “April – August 2014 Video Games Report”

April 2013 Video Games Report

In addition to the game I played this month, I’ve decided from now on to  include a running total of the top games to see if/how they change with time. For example, when I wasn’t paying attention, Saints Row: The Third made the Top 7.  (Which, raptr, is a weird number.  Usually these things are … Continue reading “April 2013 Video Games Report”

May 2013 Video Games Report

During the month of May I continued to try and completed story-based games in my library. Quantum Conundrum (3 hrs) – I started playing the game early this year. I really, really enjoy this game, but the imprecision of the moves really bugs me. I’ve been playing it with a keyboard and mouse, does anyone … Continue reading “May 2013 Video Games Report”

2012 Video Games Report and Game of the Year

First of all, a quick reminder that my Game of the Year doesn’t necessarily have to come out in 2012.  Because I don’t have the time to dedicate to video games, the price premium of buying it new rarely makes sense to me.  So my Game of the Year will be my favorite game that … Continue reading “2012 Video Games Report and Game of the Year”

March Video Games

Civ 5 (70 hrs) – In March I fired up Civilization V for the first time since 16 Nov 2010.  What was the catalyst?  My wife asking what happened to all the enthusiasm for the game when it first came out.  Well, as I’ve mentioned before, right after I got the game I played it … Continue reading “March Video Games”

How bad are video games really?

Wired Magazine’s April 2006 issue explored this premise in a very unique way. Instead of saying that we still don’t have conclusive evidence that video games do any damage (and in fact there is some that they are helpful in some instances) they mentioned that the battle between older adults and younger adults/kids is age-old. … Continue reading “How bad are video games really?”

In the Wake of SimCity Fiasco Another Look at CitiesXL

I first played Cities XL in May of 2011.  I last played a year ago in April 2012.  At the time I said I couldn’t wait until Sim City came out.  However, we know what a fiasco that has become.  So, discouraged about playing Sim City I decided to load up Cities XL.  This is … Continue reading “In the Wake of SimCity Fiasco Another Look at CitiesXL”

Social Networking and the Family

I heard something really sad on NPR today.  Kids are complaining that their parents are spending so much time on their smartphones with twitter and Facebook and so on and they feel neglected.  I had always assumed that parents from my generation would put away these stupid habits once we had children.  It’s part of … Continue reading “Social Networking and the Family”