Terry Gilliam’s Brazil

I recently saw Terry Gilliam’s Brazil after hearing discussion of the main character being a hacker as part of a recurring segment on The Command Line where the podcaster compares characters from literature and movies to hackers (in the original sense of the word).  Watching this 1985 movie in 2011 was a very interesting experience. […]

What’s Going on with Republicans?

Recently I was listening to Fresh Air’s interview with David Weigel.  The occasion was a book he had written about how the Republicans are shifting what their party is about.  Frankly, I’m a bit concerned.  The party seems to be less and less about small government and big business and more and more about courting […]

Politics: A Review

The last time I really blogged about politics was back around the 2008 election.  Looking over my archives, I found that, by contrast, I blogged about politics quite a bit from 2007 and prior.  My heaviest political post density (for It’s A Binary World 2.0) seems to be 2005-2006.  Why so much back then?  I […]

Fedora 10 Launches!

Linux Format Magazine already has a review. And here’s the release announcement: DATELINE: 2008-11-25 KEY FINGERPRINT: 61A8 ABE0 91FF 9FBB F4B0 7709 BF22 6FCC 4EBF C273 LOCATION: GEOSYNC ORBIT, FEDORA SPACE STATION VIA GLOBAL IRC NETWORK BROADCASTING: FREEDOM FRIENDS FEATURES FIRST (Cue J. Strauss’ “Blue Danube.”) THIS IS FEDORA SPACE OPERATIONS ANNOUNCING with great pleasure […]


Time, once again, to unload some of the quotes I’ve recorded onto the blog: “I always say, ‘If you can’t beat ’em …. Report them to Homeland Security. They’ll beat ’em for you’ ” -Colbert on The Colbert Report 9 June 2008 ?(03:25:23 PM) Danny: mom just gets pissed if we don’t eat three meals […]

Yum Upgrading to Fedora 9

Ok, I noticed that most complaints on the Fedora mailing list seemed to have been solved and it has bene a few months since Fedora 9 came out. So I figure that it’s time to finally upgrade. Also, my biggest problems appear to have been resolved. Although X.org is still in beta, nvidia has released […]

Telco Immunity

There’s been a lot of news for the past 3-6 months about the new FISA bill and how it provides immunity for the telecommunications companies.  A lot of people including the Electronic Frontier Foundation are opposed to this provision of the bill (if not bill in its entirety) because they say the telcos have acted […]

Mandriva Linux One Spring 2008 Review

Dang that’s a mouth-full! Let’s break it down a bit for anyone who may not be familiar with the lingo surrounding this very blue Linux. Mandriva Linux is the name of this distro. One is the name of the sub-distro. The choices are Free, One, and PowerPack. Free only contains free software. One is free […]

Fedora 9 Release Story

Fedora usually has a wacky little story to go along with each release.  Here’s the one for Fedora 9: An ancient text prophesised this day would come, detailing the fate of all who are willing to accept what is offered to them: http://docs.fedoraproject.org/release-notes/f9/index.html And that day has come: the Computer said “I will convert these […]

One last, good look at KDE 3 Part 2

Some little updates on my KDE experiment.  First of all, I run an rsync script semi-daily to backup my home drive to an external hard drive in case the main one fails.  It’s already happened to me once before and I was really glad to have had backups.  However, as you can imagine, this is […]

The Untold Rebate Check Story

As you know, unless you’ve been living under a rock, the US Government (USG) wants to give us all rebate checks to spur the economy along.  All you have to do is file your taxes and you’ll get up to $600 if you’re single or $1200 if you’re married.  What hasn’t really been publicized in […]

Fedora 8 is released!

I’m bit torrenting is as we speak. Get it here. Be nice and download via bit torrent if you can so we can all share in the bandwidth! And here’s the release announcement: Official Announcement: (To the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”) It’s close to midnight and something cool is coming through the “tubes” It’s […]

Where I see the future of computing going…

Recently, Penguin Pete, who’s on my blogroll, wrote this piece about his disapproval about where Ubuntu was taking Linux. Some of his key arguments were….doh! He removed the posts. I guess I’ll have to summarize. He said, in a nutshell, that too many Windows users were going to Ubuntu and expecting it to be just […]

Scott Adams makes great points about the government…

In this post, Scott Adams mentions some of his dissapointment with our goverment. The key three paragraphs to his post were: Recently our so-called Speaker of the House was meeting with the Syrian government while our so-called Vice President was on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show reminding the world that the so-called Speaker of the House […]