Podcasts I’m Listening to in 2017

I’ve both added and dropped some podcasts since last time around. Where I’m listing the same podcast as last year I may use the same description as in the past with slight (or no) variation. Video Games Giant Beastcast – The East Coast Giant Bomb crew. This podcast is more about video game culture and … Continue reading “Podcasts I’m Listening to in 2017”

Setting up a Team Fortress 2 Server on CentOS 7

I used to have a Team Fortress 2 server on CentOS 6 with Virtual Box. Now that I’m using KVM/QEMU/Libvirt, I wanted to set up a new one. Also, Valve somewhat changed how they worked a few years ago and I wanted a clean slate. I started with a VM with 40GB. It’s not supposed … Continue reading “Setting up a Team Fortress 2 Server on CentOS 7”


There’s an interesting tension in democratic nations. For democracy to work there needs to be transparency. A lack of transparency leads to corruption via information asymmetry. Humans, being humans, tend to exploit this to bad ends. Sometimes they have noble intentions and sometimes they have evil intentions, but the results are the same – an … Continue reading “Strongbox”

I Fight Dragon’s Project Atma Interview

My first ever Kickstarter! I just backed Project Atma – @IFightDragons Creates An Epic New Album on @Kickstarter http://t.co/Bo5XglkChl — Eric (@djotaku) May 5, 2013 Back on 4 May I backed a Kickstarter project for the first time ever – I Fight Dragon’s Project Atma. Anyone who’s been following my last.fm posts knows that I really … Continue reading “I Fight Dragon’s Project Atma Interview”

When Twitter is Awesome

The thing I like the most about Twitter is the ability to interact with creatives in real time.  In the past you had to write a letter to a writer, artist, musician, etc and hope that, maybe, they’d actually read it and that, maybe, they’d feel compelled to reply with something more than boilerplate.  I … Continue reading “When Twitter is Awesome”

KDE Browswers Part 2: Rekonq

So I’ve been using reKonq for about 3 weeks now.  (Regardless of what the date of this blog post is in relation to the previous one – I usually write these ahead of time and then stick them into the queue)  So here we go: The Good -Appears to have “Download them All” built-in if … Continue reading “KDE Browswers Part 2: Rekonq”

Terry Gilliam’s Brazil

I recently saw Terry Gilliam’s Brazil after hearing discussion of the main character being a hacker as part of a recurring segment on The Command Line where the podcaster compares characters from literature and movies to hackers (in the original sense of the word).  Watching this 1985 movie in 2011 was a very interesting experience. … Continue reading “Terry Gilliam’s Brazil”

What’s Going on with Republicans?

Recently I was listening to Fresh Air’s interview with David Weigel.  The occasion was a book he had written about how the Republicans are shifting what their party is about.  Frankly, I’m a bit concerned.  The party seems to be less and less about small government and big business and more and more about courting … Continue reading “What’s Going on with Republicans?”

Politics: A Review

The last time I really blogged about politics was back around the 2008 election.  Looking over my archives, I found that, by contrast, I blogged about politics quite a bit from 2007 and prior.  My heaviest political post density (for It’s A Binary World 2.0) seems to be 2005-2006.  Why so much back then?  I … Continue reading “Politics: A Review”

Fedora 10 Launches!

Linux Format Magazine already has a review. And here’s the release announcement: DATELINE: 2008-11-25 KEY FINGERPRINT: 61A8 ABE0 91FF 9FBB F4B0 7709 BF22 6FCC 4EBF C273 LOCATION: GEOSYNC ORBIT, FEDORA SPACE STATION VIA GLOBAL IRC NETWORK BROADCASTING: FREEDOM FRIENDS FEATURES FIRST (Cue J. Strauss’ “Blue Danube.”) THIS IS FEDORA SPACE OPERATIONS ANNOUNCING with great pleasure … Continue reading “Fedora 10 Launches!”