This Was A Lot Easier with Just One (Part 2) – Variations on a Theme

Just in case the captions for the photos don’t appear on your RSS reader or on Facebook, here’s what I wrote as the caption to the photos: “Inspired by title I chose for my photo for the twins’ four month photo which didn’t come out quite the way I wanted it to, I decided to […]

Super Mario Brothers Theme Performed on a Sheng

Skip to 28 seconds in. Sure, there are way too many Super Mario Brothers covers, but that theme is amazing as is seeing this performance of the theme on an ancient Chinese hyper flute. The instrument looks like something out of a science fiction movie.

Changing Themes After 4 Years

One day last week I was a little bored at lunchtime so I started clicking on the WordPress Dashboard links to different developer blogs.  Turns out WordPress 3.6 is coming out soon and it’s going to focus on bringing post formats to the fore and creating a consistent way of handling them within the database. […]

Changing themes again

This theme is really annoying me, mostly because it’s a fixed width theme.  That means that the theme doesn’t expand if you expand your Window or have a wide screen monitor.  Mostly, it means annoying things like this blog post title.  As you can see, it cuts into the metadata such as the date/time.  Also […]