Review: Wild Cards

Wild Cards by George R.R. Martin My rating: 4 of 5 stars With anthologies, I *usually* just present the status updates I made while reading, sometimes with some modifications since there are character limits on the updates. However, Wild Cards is a bit different. Like the Machine of Death anthology that Dan gave me, Wild […]

Using Docker Now!

With modern technology, here’s the pattern I’ve noticed since college. New tech comes out and I can see that it’s neat, but not how I can make use of it. A few years later, I finally come across the right article and it all makes sense to me. I first noticed this with VMs. I […]

Upcoming Changes

That this blog is at the strange URL of is the product of the circumstances at the time that I got my first ever URL – That URL went to my tripod site, the only way I knew how to do hosting at the time. In 2003 I wanted to play with using […]

The Idiocy that Occurs with Our Outdated Laws

I came across an article a couple weeks ago that baffled me. Let me get one thing out of the way right away, lest it become a distraction: Sidney Meyers is an idiot for calling in a school bomb threat on his cell phone. (And would still be a dummy even if he didn’t do […]

Two Stories about Governments Not Understanding the Internet

Singapore has attempted to bring websites under the same decency standards are other media. The Singapore government just announced an intention to begin regulating websites that report on the country, requiring a S$50,000 ‘performance bond’ and compliance with any takedown notices from the government within 24 hours. The reason for this is apparently to regulate […]

The Initial Failure and Eventual Triumph of Social Media in my Attempts to Get Tech Support to Help

A little past the end of February I started having problems with my internet connected devices.  In the basement we have a Roku box that the wife uses to watch Netflix.  She reported that it was no longer connecting to Netflix.  We’d had issues before with it needing to be re-registered with Netflix, but that did […]

KDE Look Part 4: Fixing things with a little help from my Friends

Sure, it’s a tired and cliche phrase, but hurray for the wisdom of the crowd.  I’ve received comments on, twitter, and in the comments here with answers to nearly all my problems with KDE.  Let’s see if I can get them all to work.  First off, I was told that my problem with Konversation […]

About Me

I am a creator and technology geek and the two often overlap. My interests include programming, writing, photography, creating comics, building computers, and video production. I prefer free operating systems like Linux and freeBSD. I prefer interpreted languages like Python and Perl. I am also a father, husband, son, and brother. My GPG Key can […]

Gravatar Support is here

Since WordPress 2.5 supports Gravatars, I discovered them and have enabled it.  Gravatars are images that appear next to your comments next to this blog.  To get one, go to and register one with your email address.  Then use that email address when you leave comments on my blog.  Right now I’m only allowing […]