I was on the phone with my dad a couple weekends ago and he asked if I was playing Civilization 5.  He’d heard that Dan was playing it and was surprised that it was still around and Dan and I were still playing it.  I told him I was playing it and reminded him that […]

About Me

I am a creator and technology geek and the two often overlap. My interests include programming, writing, photography, creating comics, building computers, and video production. I prefer free operating systems like Linux and freeBSD. I prefer interpreted languages like Python and Perl. I am also a father, husband, son, and brother. My GPG Key can […]

Another Reason Why People Illicitly Download TV Shows

My father-in-law is over today and he’s been dying to watch the Bizarre Foods Paris episode.  I’m opposed to buying video media off of iTunes because of the digital restrictions management (DRM).  But, he’s been wanting to watch that episode forever and we no longer have cable so I can’t record it onto MythTV.  We […]

End Game Piracy: Open Source

As 2008 has proven – draconian digital restrictions management (DRM) does not stop people from illicitly using computer games.  Spore, whose DRM was so bad they got ratings bombed on, was the most pirated game of 2008.  The DRM caused hassles for legitimate users and did nothing to stop illicit use.  This is always […]

My History with Browsers Part 1: A History Lesson of Sorts

At first I used Internet Explorer because we had a free trial of MSN.  Then we switched to MCI, who used Netscape (although you could also use IE) and I mostly used Netscape.  I think this was around Netscape 4 or 5.  I really liked Netscape A LOT and used it almost to the exclusivity […]

Movies pirated by the Movie Industry itself!

Despite what the MPAA claims, it’s not us consumers who need to be restrained by DRM, but their own people. This website demonstrates how movies are pirated by the movie companies and members of the Oscar committee. Here are some key quotes: For the last few years, the movie industry’s battles with Internet pirates offered […]

Finally, some rulings that make sense! reports that judges are finally starting to make some rulings that make sense! We all know (if from nowhere else, than from this blog) that the DMCA is evil. It allows all kinds of restrictions to be placed on you, even though you were a good citizen and bought the content legally. For example, […]