I created my first RPM! And have a copr repo!

It’s the intersection of three of my hobbies – computers, Linux, and photography! Ever since I learned how to compile source code from the net, about a decade ago, I’ve wanted to create RPMs to help those who aren’t comfortable with compiling or simply don’t want to bother with compiling. But, for some reason, RPM […]

Fedora RPMs

Here are links to RPMs or (where available) repositories for software I’ve packaged for Fedora. hdrmerge – take Raw image files and create a high dynamic range DNG file for tone mapping. Repository here ccextractor – used to get Closed Captioning from older DVDs that use CC embedded in the video rather than subtitles. Repository […]


Adobe is doing some pretty despicable stuff – logging EVERY book (whether or not you are using Adobe Digital Editions) and sending it back to a server. (Here’s the guy who first discovered it). Why is this an issue? Because the books you read can be used to discriminate against you or, in some countries, […]

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

As with my discussion of Recettear, playing The Secret of Monkey Island involved revisiting a gaming genre from my past.  Unlike Recettear, TSoMI is not a parodic look back at an old genre, it is an original game from that time period.  TSoMI is an adventure game, a genre that is pretty much only kept […]