Fedora RPMs

Here are links to RPMs or (where available) repositories for software I’ve packaged for Fedora. hdrmerge – take Raw image files and create a high dynamic range DNG file for tone mapping. Repository here ccextractor – used to get Closed Captioning from older DVDs that use CC embedded in the video rather than subtitles. Repository […]

GOG releases their version of Greenlight

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that all the digital stores would move in this direction, but I was surprised to see that GOG has come out with their version of Greenlight: Games in Development. At least I can get Greenlight-quality games with DRM-free and if it completely sucks, I can get a refund.

Review: With A Little Help

With A Little Help by Cory Doctorow My rating: 4 of 5 stars This book was an experiment in funding and creating a book that I’m pretty sure came out before Kickstarter was as big as it is today. You have to hand it to Cory Doctorow, he lives what he preaches. He’s been releasing […]

An appeal for keeping KDE Activities

As KDE 5 reaches 5.2 and many begin to debate its features (this is a small evolution on 4 compared to the difference between 3 and 4) there has been an ever-increasing assertion that Activities are pointless. (At least it appears that way to me) I wanted to share how I use Activities, why they […]

Strange Harry Potter eBook Terms

I know there are a lot of weird things in legal documents that aren’t actually enforceable. It’s one of the reasons every contract has a part that says invalidation of one part of this contract doesn’t invalidate the whole contract. But this one makes 0 sense to me for eBooks: “You may not:copy or burn […]

I know I’m late to the game on this, but hurrah to JK Rowling for making the Harry Potter ebooks DRM-free! Just because of that, I’ll be sure to buy it this summer! Before I was scared about DRM-issues. I’ve been burned before – I have a bunch of Microsoft LIT books that I legally […]

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

As with my discussion of Recettear, playing The Secret of Monkey Island involved revisiting a gaming genre from my past.  Unlike Recettear, TSoMI is not a parodic look back at an old genre, it is an original game from that time period.  TSoMI is an adventure game, a genre that is pretty much only kept […]


I was on the phone with my dad a couple weekends ago and he asked if I was playing Civilization 5.  He’d heard that Dan was playing it and was surprised that it was still around and Dan and I were still playing it.  I told him I was playing it and reminded him that […]