Upgrading SuperMario to Fedora 23

Now that it seems the nvidia driver that deals with the latest Xorg is available, I decided to try and upgrade my main computer, SuperMario. I started with the dnf commands: dnf update –refresh dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade dnf system-upgrade download –releasever=23 As usual, old packages reared their ugly heads. They’d made it this far, but […]

A conversation with Scarlett about nature

It went a little something like this. Scarlett: “Will the leaves be back in the Spring?” Eric: “Yes, they’ve fallen now, but they’ll be back in the Spring.” Scarlett: “It’s like MAGIC!” So much in there – learning things for the first time, the wonder of childhood, the reason it took humans to long to […]

Does CentOS 7 Make a good Desktop distro?

People often recommend using CentOS for your desktop machine if you find Fedora’s pace to be too fast. Does this even make sense? I decided to explore the idea of CentOS 7 as a desktop computer using my wife’s requirements as the benchmark. Why? Because my wife likes long term support distros. What’s more long […]