FarmerJoe – An easier render solution.

I’ve been very happy until now with drqueue. Developed by Jorge Daza, it’s a very nice render farm management software with a nice GUI. It worked relatively well for me for “Jose’s Dinner” and “Schrodinger’s Cat“. However, there were two big kinks in using drqueue. First of all, Windows support was so sketchy it might […]

Procedural Art

edited to add the tags I used That collage was created by a program. I certainly don’t have the patience to arrange all of those photos one-by-one!I told the program to download all of my pictures tagged with Eric Danny David and Danielle and create this collage. But does that make this any less of […]

More Flickr Hacking

Over the last two days, between playing Portal and Age of Empires III (both of which are…awesome!), I’ve been doing a little more flickr hacking. This is very closely related to my previous Flickr program where I checked if my pictures were ready to be moved into the next views groups. This time I wanted […]

Flickr Views Program

I forgot to post this about 1 or so weeks ago when I finsihed up the script. So here’s how the output looks on my flickr views program:   Now my next step is to put it on the web. However, the Python API I’m using doesn’t do web-based program authentication. It also doesn’t handle […]

Hacking Flickr

So, thanks to a problem I had with rigging up Nick in “Sugar“, I’ve temporarily lost interest in animation.  This happens to me all the time, and I think I’ve mentioned it before in previous blog posts that I’m too lazy to look up before that I tend to gain and lose interest in my […]

What I was up to last night

I was writing a GUI for Pydvdauthor, my program for creating DVDs on Linux from an MPEG file. I wrote this in order to help me create the XML files necessary for dvdauthor. Here’s what the GUI looks like right now: I updated the project on freshmeat, but they haven’t updated my main page yet. […]

Introducing my SECOND CGI program: Eric’s BlogRoll

You can find it here or on the right-hand side under “My pages”. This is a program that’s been in my head for about four days and which I spent most of yesterday working on until I realized I was going down the wrong path. Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself. This program is […]