Changed hosts

I haven’t completely changed hosting for all my domains, but I have changed it for this one. So it’s possible things may be broken for a bit while I root out all the errors. Or maybe I got lucky and everything will be perfect after the DNS is done propagating.

Rolling Your Own

Another event has once again cemented my thoughts that the informed technical person needs to run their own services rather than depend upon the benevolence of companies. It started with Google closing Google Reader. Then Facebook and Twitter got extra censorious. During all that, people started abusing DMCA requests on Youtube. Recently Google decided to […]

WP Super Cache and the New Theme

Because I’m using WP Super Cache to reduce the strain on the server, there’ll be a lot of older posts and pages with the old theme. I didn’t notice this until I loaded up my blog at work. The main page was fine as it’s incredibly dynamic, but many of the pages (as opposed to […]

Let’s Do the Theme Change Again!

Almost exactly two years ago, I changed to the Twenty Thirteen theme. It was a breath of fresh air after what I’d used before. The font is beautiful and it was much less cluttered than the themes I’d used before. One of the things I like is that the color scheme quickly tells the user […]

First Nine Days in Extra Life

I’ve been hearing about the members of the Giant Bombcast talk about participating in the Extra Life video game marathon for a few years now. For some reason, when the 2014 event happened, I decided to look into it to see if I could participate this year. When I started looking into it around a […]

It’s a Binary World 2.0 is ten years old!

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging on here for TEN YEARS! Here’s a link to my first post. Time has really flown by! Ten years ago I didn’t even think blogging would still be a thing in ten years time. So far I’m still on WordPress, although I finally moved away from the server. prefix […]


Just realized Jetpack hasn’t been working 100% correctly since I changed URLs. Got it working correctly and I think I lost all my old stats. Oh well.