Enough already!

The way the news keeps talking about the Virginia Tech killings, you’d think it was the only thing going on in the news. Did everyone forget about Darfur, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, missile defense in Poland, Russia, Chinese bootlegging, the failure of Windows Vista, etc? I mean, yes, it is extremely tragic that 32 people died […]

Scott Adams makes great points about the government…

In this post, Scott Adams mentions some of his dissapointment with our goverment. The key three paragraphs to his post were: Recently our so-called Speaker of the House was meeting with the Syrian government while our so-called Vice President was on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show reminding the world that the so-called Speaker of the House […]

The X and Y Axis of Evil

Those of us who read the newspapers, which tend to be focused on more details than Tv news, have read the stories that neither the administration nor Tv news have focused too much on: Iran was cooperating with the USA after 11 Sept 2001. They were helping us go after the Taliban and catching terrorists. […]

Forget gays, let’s have drug addicts and convicts in the military!

We’re currently mired down in a war that is wearing our armed forces thin. The military is having a hard time meeting its recruitment targets and they have resorted to lowering their recruitment standards. Reports in the news have talked of people with drug problems and prior prison time being hired. Open gays? No – […]

Daylight Savings

Move your clocks ahead one hour! Congress decided that two weeks earlier would save us tons of oil – so it’s today, not in two weeks. Both my Windows XP SP2 and GNU/Linux Fedora Core 6 automatically updated on time, so your computers should be fine as long as they’ve gotten updates since 2005. (I […]