2017 in Video Games

It was a pretty busy year for me in 2017 as I got more into cooking as the twins got older and I didn’t have as much time to myself. I felt I hadn’t nearly played as many games in 2016. But when I started gathering the stats, that’s when I realized just how much […]

Video Games Q1 2017

Things are busier now, especially as the weather warms up and we begin to do more outside, so I’m switching from keeping track monthly to doing so quarterly. Vertical Drop Heroes HD (3 hr 15 min) Finally beat this game. It was a lot of fun and I’ll probably play some New Game+ this year […]

Video Games of 2016

What a year for gaming. I tried to take advantage whenever I could to get a chance to game and I was able to do a nice mix of newer and older games. I also made a bit of a dent in the list of games I got as part of a Humble Bundle. Well, […]

September Video Games Report

Vertical Drop Heroes HD (2 hours): I continued to be addicted to this little rogue-like. I’m getting pretty close to level 10 and the hinted reveal. Civilization III (2 hours): It came a bit later than I wanted it to, but I started playing Civ III in an attempt to play Civs III-VI between the […]

August Video Games Report

Civilization V (2 hrs) A few more turns in our multi-player games. Team Fortress 2 (2 hrs) I decided to play a little more and work on creating an overlay that allows the game to be full screen while also still presenting my Extra Life information. After a of couple tries, I like where it […]

June and July Video Game Report

I forgot to do June last month, so a double header this time. Contraption Maker (4 hours) I continued to play and entertain Scarlett with my puzzle-solving skills. Spelunky (17 minutes) Dan donated to my Extra Life charity drive and forced me to do a butt-load of pushups. (An arm-load, really) Civ V (1 hour) […]

April 2016 Video Games

In April I took a break from playing so many games to focus on comics and books. But I still go some play time in. Civilization V (1 hour): Cook Serve Delicious (30 minutes): I just wanted to test how well it would work on my Linux computer with Steam Big Picture. For some weird […]

March Video Games

Spelunky!  (5 hours): Proving the worth of Let’s Play videos to anyone on the publishing side who still doesn’t believe, when Dan first told me about Spelunky! it didn’t sound like something I’d enjoy. When I got around to watching Dan’s Let’s Play videos, I decided it was indeed something I’d enjoy. Five hours later….I’m […]