The Kind of Racist Remarks You Don’t Expect on the Nightly News

On Hardball on MSNBC they were talking about Barack Obama’s poor bowling performance during his campaigning in Pennsylvania.  One of their political commentators quipped, “Perhaps he should have stuck to shooting hoops.”  I absolutely couldn’t believe they would say something like that on the news.  And it wasn’t some random yahoo, it was someone that […]

MythTv Remote Setup Complete

Well, almost.  I got everything installed and configured for the remote to work.  However, there are currently some buttons that don’t do anything – so I need to go into the config and get those buttons to do something.  There are definitely some things that I need to program into the remove to get full […]

Another example of the perils of DRM

Time and again I’ve warned my readers of the perils of DRM.  (Specifically here and here).  That’s why I don’t buy music on iTunes and have given all of my digital music patronage to  Even my wife, who’s not as into FOSS and all that as I am, has become disgusted as she’s understood […]

The Perils of the Edge of Change

We’re on the edge of the largest disruption in Tv technology since color Tv became mainstream. In 2009 all analog television transmission will cease. Although the two terms tend to go hand-in-hand that doesn’t mean that all channels will become HD. There just isn’t the bandwidth for that in the cable pipes right now. But […]

Is it really stealing?

Publishers often refer to prohibited copying as “piracy.” In this way, they imply that illegal copying is ethically equivalent to attacking ships on the high seas, kidnapping and murdering the people on them. If you don’t believe that illegal copying is just like kidnapping and murder, you might prefer not to use the word “piracy” […]