Censor Thyself or Be Blown to Bits

In the beginning I was not a huge fan of South Park. Of course, I never gave it a chance, but it didn’t give me a reason. It was, as the creators admitted in a recent Fresh Air interview, exceptionally crude both in its jokes and its scatological humor. I heard that basically it was […]

Why I don’t Care if Free TV Disappears from the Net

When I flew to Tampa last week, there was a magazine cover that claimed the days of free professional content over the Internet were over.  The cable companies had a way, it claimed, to control the programs available and keep us paying >$100/month for cable.  I didn’t read the article, but I have a guess […]

Who do I need to slap upside the head?

Every once in a while, while reading Wikipedia to try and figure out why some show from my childhood isn’t available on DVD, I read that music rights are holding back the DVD.  I understand that these shows were created back before DVDs and, therefore, some kind of weird legal loophole is keeping the tv […]

Colbert v Steele in a Rap Battle

It’s been pretty ridiculous recently with Steele claiming to bring Urban cred to the Republican party. I think they feel like they have to have a black guy too. It’s just odd that suddenly after Obama’s President, they have a black chairman. Well, I know that eventually Hulu will pull this clip.  But until they […]

What happens when no one obeys anymore?

A lot of people have been warning that rules/laws that everyone considers stupid are a very dangerous thing.  Essentially, what happens when every single person you know is a “criminal”?  It begins to create a sense that rules are pointless and if everyone’s disobeying this rule, why not disobey that one and so on.  These […]

Hulu’s Streaming FAIL

There’ve been a lot of people recently on the MythTv mailing list talking about Boxee as a convenient way to was content on Hulu.  However, the Boxee developers have blogged that Hulu has nixed that idea.  (And here’s Hulu’s side of the story)  I read a bunch of comments as well as both of those […]

flickr programmers are fans of The Simpsons

The other day I was messing around with flickr’s slideshow feature and I came across this: And here it is zoomed in: This comes from an episode where the characters are discussing the founder of Springfield who uses the word Embiggen and some teachers debate whether it’s a real word.  I love the way programmer […]

British The Office vs American The Office

Over the last few days I’ve been watching season 1 of the British version of The Office.  I’ve come to the conclusion that to say, “the American The Office is based on the British The Office” is a gross understatement.  For the first season, at least, it’s almost a 1:1 copy of the British version.  […]

Another Reason Why People Illicitly Download TV Shows

My father-in-law is over today and he’s been dying to watch the Bizarre Foods Paris episode.  I’m opposed to buying video media off of iTunes because of the digital restrictions management (DRM).  But, he’s been wanting to watch that episode forever and we no longer have cable so I can’t record it onto MythTV.  We […]

Getting Rid of Cable

This week was my last week with cable television.  I’ve had it since I was around 12 years old or so.  Now I’ve been on my own for a few years now and I noticed two things.  One, I don’t watch much cable television.  Just a few programs here and there.  Two, it’s pretty expensive!  […]

Is it obsolete? TV Stations

Today I consider whether or not TV Stations as a distinct programming lineup have become obsolete.  More or less since the beginning of commercial television there have been TV Stations to tune in to.  (eg ABC, HBO, TNT)  These stations create and broadcast original programming or buy the rights to broadcast programming created by others […]

Upgrading to Mythdora 5.0

Written Friday, 2 May 2008 Today I decided to upgrade my Mythdora to the latest verison, 5.0. I downloaded the CD media and booted into the install. I had to do a text install to be able to watch it on my TV. Then I just needed to yum install the kmod-nvidia drivers. (Although, first […]

Joost, the end of Cable TV?

Joost recently (within the last couple of weeks) came out of Invitation-only beta.  It’s a program developed by the same people who brought you Kazaa and Skype.  Like those programs it also harnesses the power of peer to peer (P2P) technology.  (Another reason for advocating net neutrality!)  Joost is meant to replace cable TV and […]

Hello Kitty Hell!

Recently, a coworker of mine showed me the website Hello Kitty Hell.  This is a website created by someone who’s wife sells Hello Kitty items.  If there is a young girl or, occasionally, woman in your life who is into the Hello Kitty Phenomenon, you doubtless know how much crap there is that can be […]

Joining the Digital Television Revoultion (but not through Cable)

As you’ve no doubt heard, the US will be discontinuing Analog TV transmission in February 2009. They’ve actually already auctioned off the analog spectrum (and I’m not too happy about who ended up buying it, but that’s for another post). So, if you have cable TV you don’t need to worry about this and if […]